J Balvin Afro-Latino artist of the year: strong reactions ensued

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José Álvaro Osorio Balvín known by the stage name of J Balvin is a very popular Reggaeton singer with an impressive repertoire and musical track record. A new distinction is added to those already obtained: the title of Afro-Latin artist of the year . Unfortunately, many people find this choice unjustified , since the singer is Colombian and has no African origin.

Afro-Latin artist of the year, a title intended for Africans

Although not Afro-Latino, Balvin won a title for African artists whose works reflect African culture at the African Entertainment Awards . This distinction provoked strong negative reactions and waves of indignation.

People on social media point out that J Balvin is a Colombian singer from Medellín and therefore not even Afro-Latino. Plus, the singer’s “Perra” music video is making a comeback, and this song features Balvin walking around holding black women on a leash , pretending they are bitches.

This clip was harshly frowned upon by the Colombian government, which removed it from YouTube for misogyny, sexism, machismo and undermining a community with constitutionally recognized rights. It is therefore difficult to understand that we are offering a title intended for black artists to this singer who reduces Africans to the position of animals.

I’m not afro-latino

Faced with this wave of indignation, the interpreter of “  I Like It  ” after accepting the price, took his Instagram story to clarify that he is in fact not Afro-Latino .

He wrote his post in Spanish, which translates to: “  I am not Afro-Latino but please give me a place in the contribution of Afrobeat music and its movement  ”.

Indignations which led to the reaction of the competent structure

“  I don’t know what is more serious, the fact that J Balvin was put in this category, that he won against real black people, or that the prize is called AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS, which implies that real blacks made this excruciating choice  ”. Here is one of the reactions of indignation emitted by Internet users following the announcement of the Balvin distinction.

The African Entertainment Awards have heard the rants of netizens and shared a statement in response to this saying:

“  After listening to the concerns of our audience, we decided to maintain the goal of the award, but changed the name to Best Latin Artist of the Year . The Best Latin Artist category is intended for any artist based in Latin America who contributes to African culture , especially afro-beat sound, on a global level. It is not based on race , but above all on the desire to advance African culture on the world stage. This is the first year that we are introducing this category to include our Latin brothers and sisterswho have adopted afrobeats music in their platforms. The winner of this category demonstrated it and deserves this award according to the votes of the fans. Remember that the nominees in this category had no say in their nomination or influence on the award ceremony. Instead of expressing our discontent, let us encourage these artists to continue to bridge the gap between Africa and Latin America  ”.

This means that to claim this distinction from the African Entertainment Awards, the artist does not need to have African origins , which is the case with J Balvin. Do you think this artist deserves this distinction? What do you think of the change in distinction?


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