J. Prince reflects on circumstances of reconciliation between Drake and Kanye West to respond to pressure rumors

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As the two legends Drake and Ye prepare to offer a free concert to demand the release of Larry Hoover, voices are raised to mean that the reconciliation between the two has not been agreed. J Prince returns to clarify and end the debate.  

A few hours before the historic concert that the new friends Drake and Ye are preparing to offer to demand the release of Larry Hoover, J. Prince returned to the circumstances of this reconciliation. At the microphone of Billboard, he spoke about the concert and clarified that he did not put any pressure on the two parties for reconciliation.

All for Larry Hoover

If Ye and Drake are reconciled today, it is because it is a wish dear to the influential member of Gangster Disciples imprisoned by six consecutive life sentences Larry Hoover.

“ We have to start with the name Larry Hoover . He planted the seed, ”Prince said to start his lengthy presentation. “ He wanted to see Kanye and Drake unite in the name of peace. His son Larry Jr. hung out with Kanye a lot, and of course Drake is my son, but [Larry Hoover] planted the seed and I watered it.  “

The watering Prince is talking about, he illustrated by explaining that he contacted Kanye after the rapper’s explosive interview on Drink Champs where Ye spoke openly about the strained relationship he had with his former friend Drake.

The speech that convinced Kanye West

Prince is no longer able to really tell the content of what he served Ye but he just knows that he told him about Larry Hoover’s cause and peace in the rap game. He is also convinced that he did not force anyone’s hand. He castigates the rumors in clear terms, but he also knows that he used words which were certainly inspired in him by God himself. “  It was an interesting conversation, but the furthest thing from the truth about any kind of force,” Prince said. ” I heard all kinds of rumors, and that was the furthest thing from the truth. For me, that moment was what I called an “anointing moment” – because none of it was planned. It was not planned where we had this meeting in this particular church, but I being a man of God, I could not refuse the invitation to actually meet him. 

Divine words for someone who believes in God

All the people who believed in a coup are also right, but Prince brought out Kanye West’s reaction . This reaction, he made the case to show the total support of the artist to the cause. “From there, I kept it real with him. I spoke words that came from my heart – and Kanye, he recognized it. He said, “I’ve never had someone talk to me like that. He admitted that I was brutally honest with him. I felt another level of connection with him at this particular moment. 

Just a golden opportunity to save lives to make Drake work

If Prince held a divine-oriented speech to convince Ye, he was just responsible for showing that it was possible to move the lines in the logic of a revolution against injustices to make Drake forget all the anger. about Ye. “  I painted the whole picture in Drake.I let him know that this is a moment and a movement that can save lives. I think with Drake and Kanye being an example, as two of the best hip-hop artists, lives would be saved. I believe this is going to be emulated and it is important to be an example for those who admire you and it meant something to Drake – just the saving event that brought injustice, prison reform and my brother Larry to light. Hoover. Everything is icing on the cake after that, because he never imagined things like that. So I had to tap into a power greater than anger or whatever these guys had for each other. 

A historic and risky concert

The two men marked the year with their respective album which was a hit. The world that will make the trip from Los Angeles today will need a large security system to prevent the tragedy of the Astroworld Festival from happening again. What is certain, this concert will be unpublished and Kanye West recently gave a taste of it when his Sunday Service sang in chorus God’s Plan by Drake. 

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