Ja Rule gave her children NFTs for Christmas

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Father of three grown-up children, Ja Rule took the gamble of offering his descendants gifts that are at the very least topical. Thus, the veteran of Murder Inc. slipped non-fungible tokens under the tree.

Ja Rule bets on NFTs

The idea is there: Ja Rule wanted to celebrate Christmas by giving his children gifts “for adults.” “ Nothing salacious in there, obviously, the rapper having quite simply opted for NFT , as reported by Page Six: ” The children are grown up now. I want to offer them things that make sense, related to the world of finance and investments. So I’ll probably give them some NFTs for Christmas and introduce them to the art world. I want my children to join the NFT movement. That’s what I want for this Christmas, because it’s cool and different. “

He will add: “It’s an investment, which they will be able to watch growing up with them, and when they get older, it will have become a very good investment. “

As a reminder, Ja Rule joined the NFT race last April, through a cheese sandwich snap taken during the disastrous Fyre festival he co-founded. Ambitioning to overshadow Coachella, this unique event organized on an island in the Bahamas will finally take on the appearance of a scam, and it will be long months before Ja Rule is cleared in this case. Still, the NFT in question mentioned a few lines above has since been sold on Ja’s Flipkick platform.

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