Jaah SLT released the One Year Later project

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Jaah SLT released a 12-track project at the start of December which he called One Year Later. 

Jaah SLT, the rapper with the reggaeman physique, has decided to end the year 2021 in a different way. Indeed, he provided his fans throughout the year with a good range of singles. Quite the opposite of 2020 where he was really exposed with his achievements. 

One year Later to end the year

In 2021, Jaah released several singles including “Rent Free” and “Feeling Hot”. These two singles which toured regularly during the year appear on the project of 12 titles that Jaah released earlier this month. One Year Later, in reference to the happy new year 2020 experienced by the South Charlotte rapper working at a factory at Printful, a custom screen printing company based in Steele Creek.

This project is intended to be a balance sheet interface for the rapper signed with Alamo Records. One Year Later is mostly solo tracks with collaborations with Sleepwalkin SLT, LowEye SLT and Jasiah.

A story for a trivial success

It all started in 2019 for the Myers Park graduate. It had gained some buzz earlier in the year after No Jumper podcast host Adam22 rated his song “Fuck a Hook” as one of the best on Soundcloud, but things have been relatively calm since then.

His single Tuff released in April 2019 with a clip provided in September allowed Jaah to stand out even more. For months, Tuff was viral on TikTok and Spotify attracting the attention of Alamo Records who signed him in February 2020. For his bosses, Jaah seduced by his specificity.

“  We bumped into Jaah and fell in love with everything he had released,  ” said Jacob Gilliland and Zeke Hirschberg, A&R of Alamo, in a joint email. “ He mixes styles from a variety of musical influences, and his sound is versatile and unique. After witnessing the explosive success of “Tuff”, Alamo saw a clear path to making Jaah SLT a household name.  “

For the artist himself, the change of status was brutal and unthinkable. “  Adam22 gave me the boost I needed to get into something, but where I am now, I don’t even know how I got here,  ” Jaah SLT said during a phone call with Queen City Nerve. ”  Like just in November 2019, I was in this bullshit factory, digging my ass everyday trying to bake bread, and all of a sudden I see this meme on Instagram, and it’s the first one same as I saw where I did it don’t pay anyone for any promotion… and then all of a sudden it got to this point and I couldn’t even tell you how  ”

Since May 28, 2020 when he released the video for “Dottin ‘Up”, his first release since joining the Alamo team, Jaah SLT has remained constant and it is evident that he will definitely release the head out of the water very quickly. With One Year Later maybe who knows?

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