Jack Harlow ends his tour in apotheosis

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American rapper Jack Harlow held a sold-out show as part of his tour. Held in a Birmingham venue capable of accommodating 1,300 people, the event closed its recent tour. For the occasion, the young rapper born in Kentucky took stock of his career and closed his tour on a note of satisfaction.

Jack Harlow, an ascent that commands admiration

Jack Harlow’s success in the hip-hop arena quickly became clearer than one might have thought at first. Indeed, the young hitmaker began his ascent within the industry in 2016. From this year, he began by serving the public with hard-hitting hits. Making each project a success, he quickly saw his popularity increase.

Moreover, the artist went to his Twitter account to retrace the path taken in terms of music and fan base. It was through the publication of a photo from his first tour in Birmingham where there was not a real crowd. In the post,   Jack Harlow  compared this photo to today’s show in the same town that saw vastly better turnout. 

“  This is a picture of me performing on the very first show of my very first tour. I was in Birmingham, Alabama in January 2018. Tonight is the last show of the tour I’m doing right now… and we are ending in Birmingham. It is complete. Thank you . »Wrote the rapper.

On the other hand, over the past two years in particular, the artist has enjoyed success made possible by hits like ‘  Whats Poppin’ released in 2020 and his subsequent remix with DaBaby, Tory Lanez and Lil Wayne, as well as “Tyler Herro” revealed in 2021 and “Industry Baby” featuring Lil Nas X. The latter also explained that Jack’s ambition is the reason why he included him on ”  Industry Baby “.

 “I like people who have these aspirations for a place much bigger than where they already are, you know? I feel like he’s in a situation where I feel like I’m at a point where… you know, like he’s already had a huge moment and more light in front of him and I just want to help give it that boost. That’s what I hope for him. “Said the native of Georgia.

For information, Jackman Harlow is signed to Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s label, Generation Now.

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