Janet Hubert, from her hospital bed, delivers a message to Will Smith

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Janet Hubert continues to celebrate her reconciliation with Will Smith. She delivered a message again to talk about everything she’s been through and reassure that it was all over.

Will Smith and Janet Hubert weren’t always the best friends in the world, but for some time now, the two actors are starting to return to better feelings. As evidenced by the latest statements from Janet Hubert on social networks about Will Smith.

The war 

Between Will Smith and Janet Hubert, there was a sort of incompatibility of mood. Janet, playing Aunt Vivian in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Will Smith didn’t really get along. The tension between the two reached a door of no return, prompting Janet to be removed from the cast. His withdrawal was not synonymous with the removal of his role. Aunt Viv continued to exist and was played for the remainder of the series by Daphne Maxwell Reid. This humiliation was badly digested by Janet who resolutely distanced herself from Will to the point of hating him.

Reconciliation and the first sign of hope for a return to normal

A few weeks ago, Janet and Will decided to bury the hatchet by reconciling. This reconciliation took place during the special meeting on HBO Max where both parties felt it was time for everything to be water under the bridge. 

After this reconciliation, Janet decided to start following the appearances of Will Smith again and the first test was with the movie King Richard. In this film, Will Smith played the role of Richard Williams, father and trainer of sisters Venus and Serena Williams, all tennis celebrities. If the film released on November 19 was well received by critics with the score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, it also received honorable mention from Janet who spoke on Twitter in a video. ” I’ll admit it, and I didn’t mean to admit it, but I’ll admit it. I saw my first Will Smith movie and you all know why, all of it. All that is over. I’ll tell you something: he made me laugh, he made me cry, I was on the edge of my seat. I was one of those little black girls who loved to play tennis,  ”she began by saying to contextualize her intervention. She ended up congratulating Will Smith on his role and the great job he did in this movie. She even made a promise to follow her other films.

The inspired message from the hospital

From her hospital bed, Janet hit the web again this weekend with a new message for Will Smith. Without specifying the reason for her hospitalization, Janet showed how bad it is to hate someone. In a tone of regret she wanted to prevent all the resentful from experiencing misfortune and she wanted to encourage them to change their minds. On Instagram, she captioned a photo from the Prince of Bel-Air reunion last year, writing, “   Don’t waste your precious time getting angry. Yes people will hurt you and you have to fight for the truth no matter how long it takes, and IF you can get the TRUTH you are looking for… find love like we did  ”.

She specifies her hospitalization and continues as if it were a testament left by a dying man, feeling his end near. “  Life is too short. I am in the hospital as of this writing. Keeping anger gnaws at you. But the truth at all costs […] Reputation is PRICEL. I LOVE YOU, for being strong enough to speak the truth and share your wounds and traumas. Now we close the doors and live our lives. Pause !  “.

Recall that Hubert has also made appearances in episodes of All My Children, NYPD Blue, The Bernie Mac Show, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, and more. This year, she has appeared in several episodes of HBO’s Love Life.

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