Jason Lee is not going to sue Karen Civil

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The Karen Civil digital marketing strategist recently quoted in financial entanglements in recent months. The media nightmare began with Joyner Lucas who accused him of extortion Karen because she has not performed the task for which the rapper then unknown time had begun. Currently, the strategist is grappling with Jason Lee who although being unable to prosecute wants to hold her responsible.

Karen Civil still has problems

Jason Lee is the founder of Hollywood Unlocked , one of the most important social media blogs for culture. He prides himself on being at the heart of pop culture, reporting viral news and stories quickly and accurately, and competing with some of the most popular blog pages on social media.

Lee is very popular for his views on some of culture’s most famous figures, including Nicki Minaj. Most recently, this year, the blogger lashed out at Karen Civil , accusing the music director of temporarily shutting down his Hollywood Unlocked page on Instagram . After having a heated exchange with the interested party on Clubhouse , Lee threatened to file a complaint against her for having deleted her social networks.

The blogger later recanted and like Joyner Lucas, he decided to no longer sue Karen Civil . However, far from giving up all and closing the page, he claims to want to hold it responsible for the deletion of his social networks .

Jason Lee won’t let go so easily

If Lee has decided to no longer press charges against Karen Slander, it is not out of kindness, but rather out of coercion, because legally, he cannot do so . In a new exclusive 12 Days of Christmas interview with HNHH , Lee spoke at length about the matter. He told interviewer Erika Marie:

“  I still want her to be held accountable . Unfortunately, on the issue of the legal limitation period regarding the lawsuit, I will not be able to pursue it. So that’s how it is. I feel like people are seeing her now. If they choose to work with it, you see it and you get what you get. I think the harm she did to herself admitting what she did to me and what she did to other people is there for people to see. These receipts will never go away. Millions of people watched the interview, they heard the Clubhouse talk. They heard her say that she had no problem wearing orange because she loves orange. She was who she is and the world is seeing it now  ”.

Jason Lee goes on to say, “  I always tell people, choose your partnerships however you want. As far as I’m concerned, what I can control is Hollywood Unlocked. I can control my voice. I know that she no longer has the partnership with Facebook that she had before, she does not have access to certain domains. And that’s great for us because at the end of the day, when you have cancer like Karen Civil’s, you have to stop it.. As far as Ebro and his bad journalism, you know, Ebro doesn’t take anything off my plate. I don’t wake up or fall asleep thinking about Ebro. He’ll always have his Apple show or whatever, he’ll always laugh at African names, and he’ll always do whatever he wants, and people will continue to subscribe to them if they want to. We’re not all perfect and we’re not all a monolith, but at the end of the day what I’ll say is I thank God for not being an employee like Ebro . I thank God for having control of my voice. I thank God that there is not a single partnership that tells me that I cannot say how I feel  ”.

Obviously , Jason Lee is very angry with Karen Civil and not just her. We wonder what he could do to obtain redress.

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