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Jay-Z and Beyoncé were each shortlisted for the Oscars in the Best Song category…

Partner in life, Beyoncé and Jay-Z find themselves competing in music and especially in this gratifying race for the ultimate distinctions since they have both been shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Song. Indeed, it is not as a duo but each on their own that they are in the running for this incredible award. A total of 15 songs are part of the preselection, which will however be shortened to 5 songs before the ceremony, which will take place on March 27 . It’s with the song Guns go Bang , featuring Kid Cudi and extract from the soundtrack of the western The Harder They Fall, film directed by Nat Love, which Hova (who produces this film broadcast on Netflix) is competing. A feature film looks back at the story of an African-American slave turned cowboy … For her part, Queen B is on the run with the track Be Alive , taken from the soundtrack of Reinaldo Marcus Green’s film, The Williams Method , centered around Richards Williams (played by Will Smith ), father of the sisters Venus and Serena Williams, immense tennis players. Among the shortlisted, we also find, among others, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish.

Jay-Z at the heart of the controversy

The couple recently made a name for themselves through statements from Jay-Z, who compared his wife to Michael Jackson on a live Twitter, confident that he felt she was above Michael Jackson. “ Bey is going to be furious when she finds out that I said that, but Michael Jackson has never had Coachella ”, he declared, before adding: “ She is an evolution of him because she has it. watched from the age of 9. […] Find me a concert that is more culturally relevant and exciting than his Coachella (reference to his performance in 2018, Editor’s note) . Beyoncé will be one of the greatest singers we’ve ever heard because she’s a real student [of the music industry].”Words which irreparably shocked a good number of Internet users on social networks, who expressed their dissatisfaction following this media release…

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