Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey Add Bitcoin Education to Marcy Projects

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Jay-Z is teaming up with former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to leverage their bitcoin expertise to provide financial education to the beneficiaries of the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn.

Jay-Z associates Jack Dorsey with his vision

Jay-Z ‘s entire career has been marked by success in the music industry, but also in business. He decided to take advantage of his knowledge of cryptography by joining forces with the wealthy computer scientist Jack Dorsey . Financial education not being taught in schools.

Jay-Z wants to transmit this knowledge to his home community of Brooklyn in the “Marcy Projects” . With his business partner Jack Dorsey , they create the company “The Bitcoin Academy” . Through this initiative, they want to give residents of the “  Marcy project” training on Bitcoin , a financial education that will allow them to achieve their goals. Crypto Blockchain Plug and Black Bitcoin Billionaire are the actors who made the project possible in collaboration with the two partners.

Jay-Z only uses Twitter for important announcements. It is precisely through this channel that he released the information of the new project: “Shout out to @jack. #Bitcoin Academy, starts with Marcy, a place that taught me so much. Hopefully the first of a long series. The goal is simple, to provide people with tools to strengthen their independence and that of the community around them . Initially, the project will be reserved for nationals of “Projects Marcy” and open to other targets later. 

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