Jay-Z compares Beyoncé to Michael Jackson: “She is his evolution”

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Appeared during a Twitter Space session organized by Alicia Keys, Jay-Z will not only have claimed to be potentially unbeatable in the context of a Verzuz. Hov also risked a comparison between his wife and Michael Jackson.

Beyoncé, an evolution of Michael Jackson?

The words are strong. In Jay-Z’s opinion, Beyoncé would therefore be an “evolution” of the late Michael Jackson . Queen B and the King of Pop, same fight? This is what the rapper / entrepreneur seems to think: “Bey is going to be angry, but I say it: Michael Jackson never had Coachella. “

He will not stop there: “They are the same. Find me a gig as culturally important and as incredible as Coachella. Beyoncé will be one of the best singers we’ve ever had, because she’s a really good watcher. “

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has been compared to Jackson. Already, in 2015, Charlamagne Tha God evoked the similarities between the ways of making the show of the interpreter of Halo and MJ: “I think that it is the best artist that our generation could see. I mean, the previous generation had Michael Jackson. But for our generation, I think it’s Beyoncé. But still, you can’t compare people. Michael Jackson is a god. It’s a legend. He’s on a whole new level. But Beyoncé, if not yet, will be at her level. She will be looked at the same, and perhaps more, than Michael Jackson. And this is the truth. “

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