Jay-Z compares Beyoncé to Michael Jackson, sparks heated debate online

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Jayz is at the heart of an intense Twitter controversy between the fiery fans of the “Thriller” star and die-hard members of the #BeyHive tribe. The controversy arose when Jay called Beyoncéa the “evolved version” of Jackson. 

Jay Z compares Beyoncé to Michael Jackson

Yesterday, December 21, Jay-Z joined Alicia Keys and her friends on her Twitter Spaces chat and during the conversation, Hov praised his wife sparking a debate over Beyoncé and Jackson. “Bey is going to be furious to say that but Michael Jackson never had Coachella, she’s an evolution of him because she watched him at nine ,  Jay said. “Beyoncé is going to be one of the best singers we’ve ever heard because she’s such a student.”  Jay-Z went on to praise his wife for her performance ‘  Beychella  ‘ which toured the world at the Coachella 2018 music festival.

“Find me a concert that is as culturally relevant and exciting as Coachella,” he insisted. “Beyoncé is going to be one of the best singers we’ve ever heard because she’s such a student.”

The fans of Michael Jackson do not hear it that way and react on the web

Despite Queen Bey’s undeniable reign, the social media soldiers immediately took to their keyboards, arguing that the Sorry singer shouldn’t be on tune with Jackson.

Some believe that no one can stand next to Jackson, regardless of his iconic status, while the BeyHive Hive agrees with Jay-Z. Others have shared their favorites which they believe should also be added to the ‘ who is taller than Michael Jackson?’ Debate   .

“I love Beyoncé but don’t go overboard by saying she’s better than Michael Jackson,” wrote one MJ fanatic.

“Respectfully, Michael Jackson has never needed something like Coachella in his entire life. Michael Jackson had twice as many audiences as Beyoncé. Mj has had people who literally passed out and were carried on stretchers… no offense to you MJ is unmatched, ” wrote another.

Beyoncé fans responded with tweets such as

“Beyoncé was pregnant and sang backwards at the FWT, pregnant and vomiting when she did Glastonbury, sick when she sang at the top of her voice on the Oprah show. Michael Jackson sprained his ankle and put on quite a performance sitting down and lip-singing to save his life. the bar is so low for the men. YOU H. “

“Beyoncé has more talent than Michael Jackson. You all like to demote her talent because she’s a woman. If Beyoncé were a man, you wouldn’t say that, ” said another Bey fanatic.

Jay-Z had previously called Beyoncé – who won her 28th Grammy in March and became the most awarded female artist of all time –  as Jackson’s ”  reincarnation ” in a 2011 interview with show 99 Jamz from Miami.

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