Jay-Z congratulates Frank Ocean for successfully imposing his own rules in the game

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Frank Ocean is one of the most versatile artists. Her music inspires others to think creatively, discover their interests and be grateful for their memories. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys shared their thoughts on the illustrious singer’s artistry during a chat on Twitter Spaces. Beyoncé’s husband, who rarely adores his fellow rappers, did not hesitate to throw flowers at Frank.

Jay-Z Hats Off to Frank Ocean for His Performances

It’s rare to see Jay-Z publicly sharing his thoughts on other artists. So when he decides to do it, it is obvious that all the actors and fanatics of hip-hop lend him an attentive ear. In 2017, the 4:44 rapper celebrated some of his coworkers Drake, Kanye West, Mac Miller and Tee Grizzley after becoming the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Many years later, Jay-Z has taken the time to say hello to another artist, and rather than a rapper, he’s showing love to one of his close associates and one of the most popular singers. of this generation: Frank Ocean. In a recent conversation on Twitter Spaces with Alicia Keys, Genius, and Rob Markman , Jay-Z brought up the subject of Frank Ocean, and for nearly a minute straight, he celebrated the artistry of the blonde singer. and its ability to succeed in the music industry on its own terms.

“  You know, success has to be, you know, like Frank Ocean, ” Jay-Z said . “  Now obviously you know he’s super popular, but I wouldn’t say he plays by the rules of the industry. He [plays] by his own set of rules, and he makes music that he wants to do. And it does not fit into a format . He wrote.

“  He doesn’t have any songs that fit pop radio or you know that make it a billion streams – he just has music that’s better than everyone else, ” Hov continued. “  And that’s what has to be the goal. I don’t mean better than everyone else in terms of competing with music. I’m just saying it has some of the best music we’ve ever heard . », Added the rapper

Alicia Keys then relied on Hov’s statements saying, “  Yes, he lives and he lives in his world and is going to create what he loves. You can tell he’s breaking someone else’s rules , ”Alicia replied.

Frank Ocean, musical versatility in a nutshell

The music of Christopher Francis Ocean belongs to the hip hop and R & Alternative category B, which is not traditionally mainstream. However, after receiving more recognition, he managed to find his way into the music industry. Ocean’s discography includes the popular album, “Blonde” (2015), as well as the Grammy- winning album , “Channel Orange ” (2012). The albums take the listener on two remarkable journeys, delving into various experiences that showcase the powerful music of Ocean.

In these albums, Ocean, who was born near Long Beach and raised in New Orleans, develops a sense of vulnerability, a factor that catches the curiosity of many listeners. His words flow from his tongue and he freely articulates the messages he transmits effortlessly. Among Ocean’s personal characteristics , his work ethic is the most outstanding. His constancy, his continuous dynamism, his passion, his artistic and creative inclination and his admirable attitude are obviously the elements that have marked the way for him and propelled him to unanimous success over the years.

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