Jayda Cheaves says she knew about Lil Baby and Saweetie dating

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The dealings between Lil Baby and Saweetie weren’t exactly secret. Jayda Cheaves said she was aware of all of this. Thunderclap!

There was a time when the web was in turmoil due to Hollywood Unlocked’s revelation regarding a secret romance between “Icy Chain” rapper Saweetie and Lil Baby. The file had even brought the ex of Lil Baby and mother of his child as well as the ex of Saweetie, Quavo laughed on the news which became trend on the web. But the web seemed to archive the clandestine romance file with the denial of the Atlanta rapper who still says he is single. This time around, the backrest seems to come to the surface in a different form and with a different look. The same magazine that started the controversy based on the purchase of a $ 100,000 bag by Lil Baby for Saweetie, invited Jayda Cheaves to speak again on the subject.

Jayda Cheaves’ surprising behavior

As the magazine shared the Chanel shooping news between Lil Baby and Saweetie, Jayda liked the post. His double click surprised more than one and had been interpreted in various ways. With his interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, Jayda spoke about his gesture by speaking of his annoyance at the sterile excitement of the web. ”  A ‘like’, all I have to do is ‘like’ something and the whole internet is going crazy,  ” she said. Jason Lee wanted to know the true interpretation to be given to Jayda’s gestureasking if she was congratulating the couple or if it was petty behavior. Jayda’s response showed that she is intentionally looking to create a buzz and profit from how the web works. In addition, her response is surprising since she claims to have already been informed before publication in the press people. “Sometimes I just like to put the internet into a frenzy. I really liked it because I knew this story before the day it happened, I knew it.  “

The weak point of social networks

What seems exclusive is obviously not always. Jay insisted she already knew about it all and was keen to start spikes on social media first. “That’s the thing, social networks, they’re always a week, two weeks behind the stuff I already know  ,” she added. “  Anything that has ever been posted on social media, before it hit the media, is something that has been talked about to me and him. It’s crazy, but it’s my life. “

Jayda reveals her private investigator side

In order not to pose as a liar, Jayda had to reveal that she had “sources” there who keep their ears in the streets to her.

She revealed that it’s not that she follows her ex around everywhere but he made the mistake of going to a shop that considers her to be one of the loyal and very heavy customers. She even took the liberty of letting him know before everything was unpacked. ”  Like I said to Baby, ‘How are you going to do that to Mrs. Chanel herself, like, don’t you think I would find out? I spend the bank in Chanel on the weekly. That’s what I do. Go now.  “. Jason Lee’s guest said she “knew about it” but didn’t want to be the one to bring the scoop. So she was patient for someone to say something about it.

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