JayDaYoungan arrested for gun crime faces 5-year sentence

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JayDaYoungan could fall for 5 years if the federal jury finds him guilty of federal firearms crime. JayDaYoungan a sword of Damocles hanging over his head. According to Fox 8 Live News, the rapper fell through the cracks of the police during a routine road search last October. The search had allowed the police to come across items that overwhelm the rapper. Police claims to have discovered a firearm that the rapper has received from another state.

The inter-state character that turns the case into a federal case

The fact that the gun was shipped from another state means the rapper wanted it and let that gun pass in interstate transport and commerce. This detail already allows the constitution of a large federal jury to judge the artist who already had a history with the State of Texas for illegal possession of Oxycodone and for assaulting a pregnant woman.

The discovery of this weapon and the federal side of the case incur the rapper more than five years in prison, three years of probation and a fine of $ 250,000. Not surprisingly, the artist Atlantic Records kept silent about his legal problems in progress.

A very extensive criminal record

The rapper is not sure to get out without leaving some feathers. He has a criminal record that does not militate in his favor. He is often the subject of charges of possession of a firearm, assault on person and possession of an illicit substance.

In May 2019, he was arrested for possession of a firearm, and after his involvement in a case with influential NBA YoungBoy, JayDaYoungan was charged with physical assault by his ex-girlfriend Cuban Doll while she was pregnant.

There was no lull in 2020 as the rapper is facing drug charges. He was also arrested for assaulting a woman. This year 2021, he spent a short stay at the prison of the parish of Tangipahoa from September 16, 2021 following his implication for second degree murder in an incident which occurred in August 2020. He was released on September 20 after having posted the deposit of $ 175,000.

As a reminder, in August 2020, two rival gangs engaged in a shootout where gunshots broke out during a rally that brought together around 100 people. A 21-year-old man named Zion Hutcherson was killed in a shootout, however, he was not a target and was the victim of a stray bullet.

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