JD’s Vegan: Jermaine Dupri has just launched his brand of vegan ice cream available at Walmart

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Dupri has just launched his new project. This is not a single or an album but a brand of purely vegetarian ice cream like him. Its JD’s Vegan products are now available in Walmart stores.

Vegan for years, Jermaine Dupri offers his fans “gluten-free, plant-based and GMO-free frozen desserts”

It has been almost 20 years since Dupri, a famous hip hop artist, opted for a purely vegan diet and he fully accepts it. On several occasions, he offered vegan meals to people in need or in need.

Like his colleagues, Jermaine Dupri also decided to invest in a company. But for Dupri, it is an activity in phase with his personality. Last month, during an interview with Rolling Stone, he opened up about his ice cream production project.

“A lot of people who are involved with vegan brands are not vegans. (…) I felt it was important for someone like me to produce something. ” did he declare. A month later, JD’s Vegan products are available and priced at $ 6.47 a jar at all Walmart stores. There are several flavors for everyone’s happiness.

“We really did it !!! Yes ! I’m in heaven, 736 @walmart stores have opened. Go to JDsvegan.com, type in your zip code and find the store closest to you. He wrote under one of JD’s Vegan photos on Instagram. It was during the day of this Wednesday, December 29.

This is a new feat that is added to the long list of the artist and this time, he especially embarks these certain fans that he hopes to see become as vegan like him or even the couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

“You have nothing to lose by going vegan. JD’s Vegan Ice Creams prove that you can only gain from quality foods with extraordinary flavor and taste. ” did he declare. 

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