Jeezy tells the story of his collaboration with Nas on “My President”

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It was on the latest podcast “The Bridge: 50 years of Hip-Hop” that former street legend, American rapper artist Jeezy shed light on how her relationship with Nas began. Which relationship led him to the release of the famous track “‘My President”‘ in 2008.

The circumstances of an unusual encounter

In this last episode of “‘The Bridge” of about forty minutes, Miss info and Nas who are no longer presented, had a frank discussion with Jeezy . The objective was to return on his journey from the street to the legend of rap. Recognized as talented by the Grammy Award winner , Jeezy recalled the conditions under which he met Nas.

Indeed, the rapper was visiting club 112 in New York. His meeting with Nas was unusual. “I remember it like it was yesterday. I think it was 2002 or 2003 and I had about 20 diamond chains, a big Rolex watch, a Lexus GS 400 on the outside, and I was there drinking bottles. I go to the bathroom and the guy next to me in the cabin is Nasty Nas . I said, “Yo! I will be great! ” Jeezy said. A statement confirmed by Nasty Nas in person.

A collaboration, a project, a success

The ardent desire to grow up that burned in a Jeezy was not long in coming true. In 2008, he will collaborate with Nas on “’My President is black”’ a project which has had its share of success over time. It is in fact an anthem released in support of the election of US President Barack Obama. The track produced by Tha Bizness, taken from Recession, Jeezy’s third album, was released precisely on the day of the President’s Democratic inauguration. The track managed to seduce even the great Jay-Z who had to make a remix of it. At least that’s what Jeezy implied in these words: “’You sent me back that legendary verse. It was so legendary that my buddy Jay-Z contacted me for a remix ”, he said with a laugh.

Between Jeezy and Nas it was not always easy

Despite the great success that the two artists have reaped through their collaboration, the relationship between them has not always been so easy. Indeed, Jeezy thinks he was indexed by Nas in one of his classics released in 2006 long before the success of 2008. “I don’t think people realize the power of words and when you did Hip- Hop Is Dead, I thought you were talking about me, ” Jeezy told Nas during their discussion.

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