Jennifer Hough paints Nicki Minaj and Petty as criminals

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The final details in the attempted witness intimidation case do not plead in favor of Nicki Minaj and her husband Petty. Complainant Jennifer Hough pulled an old corpse out of Petty’s safe in order to compel the court to try him. 

Nicki Minaj has not solved all of her concerns with justice but allowed herself a breath of fresh air. Her Barbz enjoyed seeing her as a guest on the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion special . While she appears with a serene face on TV, she is at the heart of a $ 20 million witness intimidation lawsuit. This lawsuit is brought by Jennifer Hough against her and her husband Kenneth Petty, convicted and tried for 4 years in 1995 for a rape of the same plaintiff in 1990.

In this new trial, the complainant had filed earlier this month via her lawyer Tyrone Blackburn, new information which accuses the couple of being affiliated with the Makk Balla Brims gang of the blood gang. Elements of the gang have reportedly threatened him with death through social media messages.

When we dig a little more

Radaronline dug a little deeper into the documents provided to the court by Jennifer and her legal representation. Jennifer Hough really wants to win this lawsuit and is using all the cards. She revealed that Nicki Minaj offered her the sum of $ 500,000 to change her testimony. She confessed that she repelled all of the couple’s bribery attempts.

The complainant tries to convince the court to take her statements seriously and speed up the trial since Kenneth Petty seems to be slowing things down to drag out the case and limit his sentence. As a reminder, Petty and Nicki Minaj were absent from the witness intimidation trial and instructed their lawyer to demand more time.

The criminal record card for the coup de grace

Jennifer indirectly put her life in the hands of the justice system. His lawyer recalled the danger hanging over his client. “  Ms. Hough lives in constant fear that one of the mad fans of the accused Maraj – who constantly sends messages to her and threatens her – or one of the blood gang members of the accused Maraj and Petty finds her, her children and / or her husband, and seriously injures or kills them ”. 

As if that weren’t enough, Jennifer justified her fears and her desire to quickly put Nicki Minaj’s husband in jail by Kenneth Petty’s criminal history. Indeed, Nicki’s husband returned to stay in prison for another 7 years after serving his 4-year sentence in the rape case. Jennifer claims that Petty returned to prison for murder. She says he was ”  convicted of first degree manslaughter in the death of Lamont Robinson following his release from prison for the Hough offense.”

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