Joe Budden thinks the drill will quickly go out of style

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Always ready to give a big kick in the anthill when the need arises, Joe Budden evoked the fashionable genre of the drill , on which he does not seem to bet on the long, nor on the medium term.

The drill under fire from critics?

Is the New York drill just a fad? Joe Budden is not far from believing it. In the latest issue of his famous podcast, the ex-rapper bets that this current will not last in time, because it arouses the curiosity of law enforcement and politicians a little too much . Moreover, last February, Fivio Foreign, accompanied by his friends Maino and B-Lovee to name a few, met with New York Mayor Eric Adams to discuss the violence surrounding drill music, after the first city ​​councilor called for the prohibition of certain clips representing the movement.

Coming back to Budden, he calls on his colleagues who are into drill to draw their inspiration from different styles, otherwise they will soon find themselves in the dark: “It’s up to you, the n*****s of the drill, you’re running out of time. This thing is coming to an end. You can keep dancing with [the mayor of New York] if you want. Don’t get mad at me, I’m just telling you what I see. »

Maybe Budden isn’t totally wrong. Several drill stamped rappers have run into legal trouble in recent months, including Kay Flock and Dougie B, while others have lost their lives (CHII WVTTZ and Tdott Woo).


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