Joey trap releases a project called Dr. Trap

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Joey Trap enriches his personal nightclub with a new release. He completed an 8 song project which he named Dr. Trap

Joey Star is an artist who always seems to question the standards of American Showbizz. He is very serious in his texts and applies to the point where one wonders if he has a team following him.

Together but different

Joey Trap remains attentive to his fan base by regularly varying the professional content he offers with each release. Speaking of release, the very young rapper seems to really use his enthusiasm by releasing a monthly novelty almost on a monthly basis. All he has to do with his time is scratching paperwork and checking in at the studio.

To crown this end of the year which was much more marked by renewed activity in the fashion industries, Joey Trap concocted a song project which he called Dr. Trap.

Everything about Dr Trap

Dr. Trap succeeds Joey Trap’s ALIEN project. This new project represents the fourth achievement in terms of project for the artist in this prolific year 2021. Dr. Trap comes out after more than six months from his studio project PROFESSIONAL. The project unveiled “FUNERAL” on YouTube on October 13, 2021 as the first preview released. Just under 2 weeks later, the official tracklist and the November 29 release date were also posted on the rapper’s Instagram page.

Dr. Trap is composed of 8 songs on which the artist exposes his successes and his defeats. All his stories are told to his fans through a varied range of rhythms highlighting the technical qualities of the rapper. The first track is eponymous to the title of the project while the second is called MUSCLE. The third track plunges us into a fascinating profession and has been named SURGEON. If the fourth track is named CALAMARI, the fifth alludes to a high place of stress and bears the name of EMERGENCY ROOM. The last three tracks are PRESCRIPTION, FLASH and FUNERAL. 

I can’t wait for Joey Trap to maintain the rhythm of his releases to the delight of his listeners.

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