Jok’air is back in force with his new album “New Jok City”

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Being very active lately, his music lovers expected Jok’air to come out of the heavy to announce his comeback in the French rap game. Almost a year after “Sixth Republic”, the Big Daddy Jok has finally fulfilled the expectations of his fans by officially releasing his new album “New Jok City”.

Jok’air is back in front of the music scene

On the night of Friday, November 19, the rapper unveiled his album “New Jok City”. We find in this opus of Big Daddy Jok many guests among whom we can quote: Dann, Linema, Bizot and Chich. There is also the single Game 7, unveiled last October 22, and whose black and white clip already has more than 800,000 views on YouTube. The album composed of sixteen tracks is undoubtedly the fruit of a long work of the French rapper.

A few months ago, Jok’air was also noted on the compilation “Classico Organized” of Jul. A few days before the release of his new album, the Parisian artist was talked about again on Instagram about these future projects. Followed by more than 400,000 people on the social network, the Parisian rapper unveiled a small exclusive freestyle , which is also entitled to his clip. It is quite simply a cover of the classic “Strass et paillette” by the Duke of Boulogne featuring Ali. As a reminder, this track was one of the biggest singles from Booba’s first album, “Temps Mort”, unveiled in 2002. This initiative seems to have pleased B2O, since Mr. Kopp shared the news on his lapiraterieofficial Instagram account.

Jok’air, very committed to gain strength

Before releasing the opus “New Jok City”, the last project to date from the former member of the MZ was nothing other than “Sixth Republic”. An opus whose cover featured Assa Traoré, Adama Traoré’s sister. In this album, we found Laylow, ROC Gang, La Dictatrice, Chich, Soso Maness, Le Juiice, Goldee Money, Mallaury, and finally Chilla. Being a real machine, the French rapper does not breathe the United States only through his attitude, but also through his mentality. a rapper who was already offering his 8th project since the launch of his solo career in 2017.

The rapper’s adventure began in February 2017 with the release of his album “Big Daddy Jok”, which allowed the Parisian artist to make a place for himself in the world of French rap. Remarkable albums like Jok’travolta, Jok’Rambo, or Jok’Chirac then followed in the footsteps of his first opus. However, if the rapper has obviously evolved over the years, his style always remains the same with melodies galore, trash, emotion, as well as rap, among others. So many ingredients that you will necessarily find in his new album “New Jok City”.

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