Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber share single Wandered To LA. The title appears on the rapper’s posthumous album

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Thursday, December 2, 2019 marked Juice WRLD’s birthday, and while his loved ones and fans were busy celebrating his birthday, they were unaware that six days later, the rapper would succumb to an overdose. Since his death, his family and his team have kept the memory of the rapper alive through his charitable actions through his foundation, and of course, with his music.

The late Juice WRLD’s Wandered to LA song starring Justin Bieber has arrived 

The track is featured on Chicago rapper’s posthumous album Fighting Demons, set for release on December 10. Juice’s verse is about a love interwoven with a love for drugs. One of Bieber also focuses on love and how to make a relationship. The two artists have struggled with drug addiction and on the track, they poetically detail their experiences in the twists and turns of addiction.

The trailer before the track shows footage of Juice WRLD discussing the anxiety and stigma around him. “  That’s not the way it should be. And that has to change, ” he said. His friends explain that he thought he had the situation well in hand, but that he perhaps did not realize the gravity of the situation. They add that he was scheduled to go to rehab, but tragically died. Bieber says he used to wake up in the morning, take pills, and smoke a joint. “  People don’t know how serious it got,” he says. He also advises people to reach out to others. ” I just want to cheer people on, like hey if you’re feeling lonely talk about it, ”Bieber says in the trailer. “  Say it out loud. There is a freedom in it. “

A few words: 

“ Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s drugs.

Maybe it’s because my girlfriend is taking it.

Cocaine rumbles like guitar chords

She loves drugs, she is hardcore

She’s hiding from the truth, she’s under the carpet

Maybe it’s because the lies fill her

You see the ghost on his front porch

You see the blood on his front door. ”

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