Juice WRLD just jumped above 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify

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Like Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke, Juice WRLD has left an indelible mark in the rap game. More than a year after his death, the rapper’s discography is still widely listened to on the various streaming platforms. Currently, the artist has just passed over 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Juice WRLD continues to break records after death

Juice WRLD continues to panic counters even after his death. Indeed, the late rapper has now established and established itself on Spotify. Chart Data had even clarified in the meantime while notifying that at the moment, the one who collaborated with Young Thug has a crazy influence on Spotify. 50 of this rapper’s sounds have crossed the 100 million streams mark on the platform. The artist is simply impressive because he just passed over 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

In 2020, the author of “  Lucid Dreams  ” was the most streamed rapper on Spotify in the United States. Globally, the American comes in 4th place. He is simply unbeatable because he is also the only and only rapper in the USA to have sold 1 million copies of his two albums. It is obvious that Juice WRLD will still be talked about for a long time in US rap. It could be that “More than 3000 tracks of the artist are still in stock,” said Lil Bibby, the head of the Grade A Records label. However, this craze around the rapper makes his mother very happy.

Carmela Wallace (the artist’s mother) has spoken about this. She said, “  The overwhelming love that millions of music fans clearly have for Jarad reminds us of how much his poetic words, creativity and light continue to shine around the world. Music was his passion and recording allowed him to share everything he went through  ”.

Juice WRLD with plenty of new releases

The performance of Jarad Anthony Higgins of his real name is all the more bluffing that he has only had a very short career. During his lifetime, the rapper will have published a handful of projects such as: Goodbye & Good Riddance, Death Race for Love or the joint project Wrld on Drugs with Future. Either way, it looks like the artist’s unreleased tracks are on track.

Interviewed recently by VLAD TV, Lil Bibby, the man at the head of Grade A Records, once again confirmed that Juice WRLD took the time to record many unreleased tracks before he died. He claims that “  Over 3,000 pieces of the rapper are still in stock  .” One thing is very certain: legends never die .

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