Juice WRLD: Justin Bieber to join voice of late rapper on upcoming track “Wandered To LA”

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After an accidental overdose nearly two years ago, rapper Juice WRLD continues to make the hearts of his fans vibrate. After “  Legends Never Die  ” last year, the rapper’s second posthumous album is about to be released. This time around, Justin Bieber helps the rapper keep his spirit alive with a dazzling track titled ”  Wandered To LA  “.

“Wandered To LA”, the new and never-before-seen collaboration of the late Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber 

Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber never had the opportunity to collaborate during the Chicago rapper’s lifetime. However, it looks like they have a record together on Juice’s upcoming posthumous album . The single , titled ”  Wandered To LA “, will be released this Friday evening to mark Juice’s twenty-third anniversary. It was announced through a trailer.

In the video, the song premieres as Juice WRLD talks about her battle with anxiety and depression. Justin Bieber talks about how he would wake up and the first thing he would do was take pills and smoke a blunt before realizing he had to change his lifestyle. Juice’s friends also talk about the late rapper’s drug addiction, explaining how he would lock himself in his bedroom for hours to ”  get out  ” of his addiction. 

Separately, it’s worth noting that the song sounds very catchy, and many expect it to end up being a top hit on the charts. Despite his death two years ago, Juice WRLD remains one of the most popular artists in the world. It was also a huge year for Bieber, who is nominated for a bunch of GRAMMY Awards.


The legacy of Juice WRLD to its fans!

Juice WRLD hasn’t left its fans stranded. After his death, he left behind a surprisingly rich catalog of music that will ensure his admirers have new songs to listen to for years to come. Jarad, as his name is, has always been strikingly honest. Thanks to his musical genius, he vividly expressed what he had in his heart and mind through his art. Even after his death, the artist continues to break breathtaking records.

Juice WRLD exceeds 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify

Jarad Anthony Higgins keeps exploding counters even after his death. Indeed, the late rapper recently climbed to the top of extensions on Spotify . Chart Data had even clarified in the meantime while notifying that at the moment, the one who collaborated with Young Thug has a crazy influence on Spotify.
50 of this rapper’s sounds have crossed the 100 million streams mark on the platform . This confirms the saying that an artist never moves. The artist never dies . The notes, lyrics and thought of Juice WRLD continue to keep their fans going. His body is resting, but everything shows that his soul will live forever.

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