JUL closes the year 2021 on a high note. In addition to his successful albums, the rapper has just joined the famous Fifa game with several Items bearing his effigy.

In recent months, JUL has been a hit musically with its many projects. But besides his music it is with football that the Marseillais strikes a big blow. The J is a huge football fan, it’s no secret. The rapper is also one of the most famous supporters of Olympique Marseille. More than a soccer player, the rapper is passionate, and he shares his love of the football with us in many of his titles. And this is precisely what has earned him the honor of the famous Fifa game. After the introduction of his famous sign in the celebrations of the players, where again the immense fresco in his honor in Marseille, the player now has his own Items in the game’s Ultimate Team mode . These are jerseys, tifos or even stadium themes.