JuL: the first figures of his new album ” Independence ” are known

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Among the most anticipated projects of the end of the year, the album ” Indépendan ce ” by JuL was one of the first. Announced a few weeks ago, this opus saw the light of day this Friday, December 10. After 24 hours of operation, we already know the first figures in streams accumulated by this project.

” Independence ”: more than 3,000,000 streams in 24 hours

JuL has been one of the most productive rappers this year. Determined to leave its mark on French rap, this machine released a total of not two, not three, but four albums. We were notably entitled to ” Free Album, vol. 6 ”,  ” Tomorrow it will be ”, ” Classico Organisé ” , and since Friday ‘ ‘ Independence ” .

A 22-song project on which the Marseille rapper performed a few featurings with five-star artists. We notably find  Naps  and Morad on the title “ Toda la noche ”; Morad , once again, on ” La street ”  ; Gips, Mubarak and Houari on the sound ” The strike”. And we can say that these different titles were very appreciated by the audience of the ” J” , a fan base present foolproof.

In fact, in just 24 hours, the project was listened to 3,504,022 times . After a quick calculation, we can say that each track has been listened to 152,000 times on average . In addition, this Saturday, 11 tracks from ‘ ‘ Independence ” made their entry into the Top Singles. Among others, we can cite ‘ ‘ Love of me ”, ” Coal is the casino ”, ” Toda la noche ”, ” Relight the Toupew ” , and many others.

We meet next Friday to discover together the sales figures of ‘ ‘ Independence ” after the fateful first week. For now, we continue to listen to what 26 th Jul solo album without moderation.

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