Jürgen Drews lost his bag with 30,000 euros “Still thought: ‘I idiot'”

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In the “King of Mallorca” podcast, the pop star said that he had already lost a bag with 30,000 euros in cash.


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No pension
With songs like “At Night in Bangkok”, “King of Mallorca” and “Ein Bett im Kornfeld” Jürgen Drews was able to convince millions of people and play concerts in front of a sold out house. And he was rarely on stage for less than 10,000 euros per show. But has the musician thought about a future without such performances and put money aside? Drews answered exactly this question in an interview with BILD and confessed that he and his wife Ramona would not be able to live from his “mini pension“at some point.

“That’s not even 200 euros. I can have a nice dinner with Ramona from that. That’s it! […] I have made provisions and invested my money well . That is why the corona crisis is not affecting me financially as hard as many of my colleagues. However, like all other self-employed people, I have to service ongoing ancillary costs for professional reasons, which are actually offset by my income as an artist. This income is currently lost. I can still bear these costs for a while. However, if the Corona crisis lasts for a very long time, I too have to think about how things will continue professionally. “

Costly mishap
Jürgen Drews has now understood that he should put some of his paychecks aside from time to time. At least that’s what he said in the latest episode of his own “King of Mallorca” podcast and spoke in the latest episode “Money, salary and great luck – Jürgen loses all of his income” about a costly mishap from the past. Accordingly, he always got his salary paid in cash and one evening before his performance in a discotheque he ran back to his car and wanted to clean it. “When I was cleaning the inside of the car, I put my little suede bag – it only said ‘JD’ on it – on the trunk of the car next to it. There was a lot of money in there because I was always paid in cash. About ten, twenty, thirty thousand euros, ”says Drews.

And as it had to happen, the pop singer was busy cleaning when the car on which he had left his cash drove away. Jürgen Drews could no longer stop the driver and contacted the police, who had driven the way and found what they were looking for. “The bag would normally never have turned up again. If someone had found it – I don’t think there are that many honest people who can bring their pockets back with so much money, ”added the 76-year-old in conclusion.


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