Jussie Smollet Trial: Speech to Defendant

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The trial of Jussie Smollet started on November 29 continues this week. Last week was marked by the testimony of two key figures in the case: the Osundairo brothers. During the questioning of brother Abel Osundairo, the defense lawyer portrayed him as a vengeful lover , but the latter denied the existence of any intimate relationship between the actor and him. On Monday, December 6, it was Jussie Smollet’s turn to speak at the bar .

Smollet looks back on his career debut

The actor of the series “Empire” , native of Santa Rosa was called to testify in the defense earlier this morning . He reconsidered the loss of his father and detailed how this event affected him. He also spoke about his success in the series that made him known. During questioning, Smollett said, among other things, that he made between $ 25,000 and $ 35,000 per episode in the first season of the FOX series.

Smollet gives his version of the facts which contradicts the statements of Abel Osundairo

During his trial, Jussie Smollett speaks openly about his alleged sexual encounters with his attacker. Recall that last week, the lawyer for the 39-year-old tried to portray Abel as a disgraced former lover , despite the latter having sworn under oath that he is heterosexual. The actor questions these sworn statements and affirms that he and Abel were indeed intimate .

Indeed, Abel Osundairo and he would have met for the first time in a gay club and they would have already masturbated together in a public bath . Smollet says this at the bar:

“  We were in a club, we go to the toilet, we go to a cabin, we do somersaults, we do somersaults and we continue to go, then we went to the public bath  ”. The actor was referring to the Steamworks public bath in Chicago .

He goes on to say: “  We took more drugs and we kissed  .” The Empire actor went on to explain that their intense groping only got serious during their second trip together to Steamworks.

Smollet and Abel Osundairo would have seen each other more than once

jussie smollet update on the case

The actor and the witness are said to have made a second trip together to the Chicago bathhouse. On this occasion, the actor claims that they went alone this time and got a private room again . “  We took drugs and we kissed a little bit and this time we masturbated together .” Yet twin Abel Osundairo firmly denied masturbating with the accused.

If Jussie Smollet’s statements are verified and true, the brother Osundairo in question risks being accused of perjury in court. The next few days will enlighten us on the turn of this trial. We rely on the impartial jury selected to deliver the fair verdict.

We also hope that no altercations will arise, knowing that defense lawyer Tamara Walker had requested that the trial be quashed . She accused Judge James Linn of shutting down the defense during questioning of witnesses and of physically rushing at her . According to witnesses present at the trial, the lawyer left the room almost in tears.

Another defense lawyer supporting her colleague accused the judge of using non-verbal cues when supporting the prosecution . The judge for his part refuted the charges by declaring that he “walked right behind his bench”. The courtroom appears to have turned into an arena.

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