Jussie Smollet trial: the only black juror expresses his disappointment

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The trial of Jussie Smollett began with jury selection and ended with the conviction of the actor . The latter is accused of having staged his own assault, disturbing public order and making false statements. After the many days of trial, the only Black juror expresses his displeasure at the absence of other Black jurors in the case .

A single black juror selected

Andre Hope, 63 , says he was disappointed to be the only black person selected for the trial of former Empire actor Jussie Smollet who is an African American. Andre is a Bellwood resident and a retired cook. In a recent interview, he opened up about his thoughts on the matter. He told a journalist after the verdict was announced the following: “2 am, it’s cold outside… When you use your common sense and you see what’s going on, yes, it doesn’t. not stick  ”.

Obviously, this juror questions the guilt of Jussie Smollet . Since he’s the only black of the bunch, he thinks maybe it penalized the actor who should have had more black people than white on his jury . Apparently, the cook thinks that if that had been the case, Jussie Smollet’s fate would have been different and favorable for him.

A verdict not validated by the only black juror

The sworn Andre Hope also commented on the controversial subject of the rope (allegedly placed around the neck by Smollett Osundairo brothers). He said it was a “  vital piece of evidence  ” and added, “  As an African American, I will not put this noose back at all” with great emphasis.

His latest statement refers to Jussie Smollet’s choice to put the noose of his assault back on leaving his home. The actor made the decision after the conviction was announced for staging a fake hate crime.

About this verdict, the only black juror informs us that the jury has never debated nor found itself in a dead end . He did not forget to mention that the members “  took their time to be thorough during the nine and a half hours of deliberations  ”. Hope praised his fellow jurors for their work , but reiterated that he was disappointed to have been the only black person selected.

After the lengthy trial proceedings and the statements of each of the witnesses, juror Hope admits that he still does not understand Smollett’s motive . “  I still haven’t figured out the reason why he did it, why it even had to happen. He was a star  ”.

Putting the rope back on your neck: an awkward choice

USAToday reports that other black Americans felt uncomfortable and confused by Smollett’s decision . Indeed, the convict chose to put the rope around his neck when leaving his home so that the authorities can see it after having already removed it.

“  I was worried because I don’t think there are a lot of black people in America who if they had a noose around their necks wouldn’t immediately take it off  ,” Chicago Police Director Eddie Johnson said. after the disgraced actor’s guilty verdict .

The B-Boy Blues director must return to court in the New Year to hear his sentence . Experts have already predicted that he will be placed on probation and ordered to do community service as a result of his crimes. Juror Hope says that’s fine with him, as he doesn’t think Smollett deserves to go to jail , and he hopes the star can resume her career successfully.

On this last aspect, the future is difficult to predict for the career of the actor who has already been withdrawn from the Empire series which made him known. Will the world of cinema trust him again after all this?

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