Jussie Smollet trial: the two key witnesses take the stand

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Last Monday, the long-awaited and publicized trial of Jussie Smollet opened with the selection of the jury to rule on it. The following days, the hearings really started. The trial on Thursday, December 2 was particularly important and interesting, as the two important witnesses in the case , the Osundairo twins, were heard in court . Discover immediately the unfolding of this fourth day of hearing.

A million dollars to disappear

The former Empire star is currently facing six counts of misrepresenting police after claiming that two men attacked him in 2019. During questioning, the Osundairo brothers categorically claimed that the actor d’Empire had planned the attack . He continues to vehemently refute these assertions. As a reminder, since the beginning of this affair, Jussie has never acknowledged his participation in his assault .

During the hearing, Shay Allen, 39, lawyer for the defendant asked the witnesses if they had told the defendant that they would not testify in exchange for financial compensation. The brothers would have promised to disappear if the actor paid them the tidy sum of a million dollars each. The Osundairo brothers have denied these allegations .

Why did Abimbola attack Jussie Smollet?

When asked why brother Abimbola attacked the director of B-Boy Blues , he replied to lawyer Allen that he had been asked to do so. According to his statements, the actor would have asked him and his brother to “  pretend to hit him  ” . Such a request, because he felt that his safety on the Empire plateau was not taken seriously enough.

Abimbola says that  at the time of the assault he made these comments: “  I said, ‘Hey, aren’t you that Empire (homophobic insult)?  And we said the other words, and my brother said, ‘This is the land of MAGA’. That’s when I started hitting him in the face and fighting… I threw him to the ground, I put the blue on his face, then I saw car headlights and I fled  ”.

After their forfeit, the Osundairo brothers reportedly flew to Nigeria , where they stayed tuned to the news to see if anyone reported the story. When Jussie Smollet’s lawyer asked Abimbola why he wanted to check, he replied, “  Media attention. Jussie wanted her. He got what he wanted  ”.

Defense hints one of the witnesses had an intimate affair with Jussie

While lawyer Shay Allen was interviewing the star witnesses , she implied that the twin Abimbola had a secret intimate relationship with Jussie . Moreover, this would have been in order to advance his own acting career. Of course, the person denied, adding that he did not think the native of Santa Rosa had feelings for him.

Then, a little later, the defense lawyer referred to a visit to a Chicago bathhouse . The said establishment is known to have a large gay clientele and for the alleged distribution of pornography inside. Brother Abimbola Osundairo admitted to visiting this establishment but said he did not recall seeing porn on the spa screen . He also denies having masturbated there with Smollett.

Olabinjo Osundairo’s statements at the bar

When it was the turn of the Olabinjo twin to testify at the stand , he provided even more details about the incident. He explained that there were hate mails that had been sent to Jussie Smollet at Empire Studios.

He then had the crazy idea that two Make America great again Trump supporters were attacking him. His goal was to get the footage of that, put it on social media, and then get it shown to Empire Studios . “  At first I was a little taken aback… when I thought about it, it’s Hollywood, I thought, that’s probably what they’re doing there  ,” Olabinjo said.

VladTV reports that the trial will resume next Monday . In the days to come we will certainly reveal more interesting information. Stay Connected.

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