Justin Skye finally reveals how she found out Giveon had cheated on her

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It’s been about two months since Justin Skye announced to his followers the end of his relationship with Giveon. At that time, she was content to share with them a few ambiguous and sad writings without going into details. Which she finally did recently on Livestream. 

Here’s how Justin Skye found out about her ex-boyfriend Giveon’s infidelity

It had been a while since Giveon and Justin Skye lived their beautiful love story in a discreet way and away from the public. But against all odds, a few months ago, Internet users were informed that the relationship between the two lovers was coming to an end. 

Indeed, on October 12, Justin Skye regularly posted posts that spoke of betrayal and a broken heart. “People will break you to the last bone and then ask you why you can’t fend for yourself. I should have quit a long time ago. », She had declared. But she had not revealed the reason for the breakup.

Two months after their separation, Justin Skye has finally decided to shed more light on this story. She finally revealed Giveon’s infidelity and how she found out. It was on Livestream, a site where artists chat and connect with their fans.

According to Justin Skye, she had regular access to Giveon’s mailbox and could see how Giveon was planning with another person, the lie they were going to serve Justin to report this infidelity. She then contacted Giveon. “I told him my friend saw him walk into her room with another girl,” Justin said. Obviously this friend did not exist.

She went on to say that Giveon’s response was, “Tell your friend she just broke your relationship.” I’m done with it “. Skye says she watched him and said the relationship was indeed over. The time the two exchanged following this, according to the young woman, Giveon would have asked her “Are you trying to ruin me? “. It is not known whether this is the case or not.

However, Justine Skye has revealed that she would definitely put that heartbreak into her music. Should we already expect a future song from the singer on this story? 

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