Kanye West and Beanie Sigel put the pieces back together after “Drink Champs” interview

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Kanye West recently began a policy of reconciliation with these former protagonists. The Chicago rapper has already proven his motivation by settling his differences with Soulja Boy and taking the first step towards Drake. For this time around, fans were surprised to see the good relationship that exists between Ye and Beanie. Indeed, it is no longer a secret that the two rappers had a rather tumultuous relationship. However, considering Beanie’s recent statement and her presence at Ye’s Sunday service, one can infer that everything is rolling between them from now on.

Beanie Sigel clarifies the situation

For a while now, there has been some confusion surrounding Kanye West’s relationship with Beanie Sigel. For this reason, during the appearance of Ye on Drink Champs , the rapper from Chicago wanted to make revelations on crucial points. Concretely, Ye confided that he owed a colossal sum to Beanie Sigel for helping her find the name of her brand “Yeezy” .

To clarify, Beanie then said that Kanye told her he would offer her 5% Yeezy brand shares along with $ 50 million. But unfortunately nothing has been paid yet. However, it should be noted that Beans is not eager to get an outright payment from Kanye West. Instead, the Philadelphia rapper would like to enter into some sort of partnership with Ye on future business ventures.

Separately, during an appearance on TMZ last weekend, Beans revealed that he was fed up with clashing with West. He added, saying he couldn’t put a price on Kanye’s nickname just because he made it up. Simply put, Sigel thinks the Chicago rapper built his empire from scratch and feels it would be unfair for him to take advantage of it.

At the end of his speech, the 47-year-old rapper shed much more light on his new relationship with Ye. According to his words, his relationship with Kanye has never been on such a good end. Clearly, it must be said that there is only love and consideration between the two rappers.

Beanie Sigel and Yeezy at the Sunday Service

Following her comment, Beanie Sigel attended Yeezy’s weekly Sunday Service event. So, to show fans how fluid his relationship with West is, Beans shared photos of himself with the legendary Chicago rapper. We could therefore see them together all smiling in the photos, sharing a fairly friendly moment.

 After these moments of conviviality, Ye gave him a hug, in turn sending a clear message about his relationship with Beanie. It’s not yet clear if they’ve discussed any potential business plans, but maybe we’ll have a Beans verse on Kanye’s next installment.

At the same time, Kanye West finally released the deluxe edition of his “  Donda  ” project  last weekend. Recall that this new edition of Ye’s project includes five new unreleased songs. Among these, we can mention in particular “  Never Abandon Your Family  ” and “  Life Of The Party  ” in collaboration with the legendary Andre 3000.

By the way, in the dynamic of reconciliation, fans witnessed a surprising fact between Ye and Drake. Indeed, after the release of the deluxe version of the ”  Donda  ” project , the teaser was shared by 6 God thus promoting Ye. Everything suggests that the two hip-hop legends also have their differences behind them. Fans for their part are already speculating on a probable collaboration between Drizzy and Yeezy in the near future. To be continued…

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