Kanye West and Sauce Walka were spotted chatting in Houston

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Kanye West and Sauce Walka are up to something. While believed to be out of sight, the two performers were pictured near Houston on Tuesday.

Kanye West will be by far one of the influential figures of this year 2021. If R Kelly can also apply for this title due to the developments in the examination of his case in court, Ye scored this year with an almost permanent presence in the papers of all the media. Recently he has shone with the continuation of his rants with Big Sean, the divorce case with Kim Kardashian, the sale of property, the release of an album that turns the tide about him, the extension of Yeezy, his legal name change, his well-displayed desire to save his marriage and especially his historic reconciliation with Drake. To name a few, Ye also has a flair for being at the right time when he wants it, but also for being in the wrong place when he wants. As a trend circulates to believe that Kanye West partied all night last Tuesday with Instagram model Yasmine Lopez, other voices are rising to prove otherwise. TMZ inquired about the subject and brought to the web the information that Kanye and Yasmine Lopez hadn’t really come along together but instead had exchanged during J Mulan’s birthday party.   

The photo that comes to clear Kanye West?

The information provided by TMZ had not necessarily convinced the web but there was an update with the appearance not of a video extract, but of a photo which could reassure on the actions of Kanye West. The photo shows Kanye West very focused and in exchange for Sauce Walka on Tuesday, December 28. Judging by his clothes and his boots, Kanye West had the same clothes as at J Mulan’s birthday party. The photo was taken while the two men were in a parking lot. Certainly the passage of Kanye West in Houston even if it was known should not show this meeting between Sauce and Ye which we know to be very discreet.

The photo suggests a lot and it’s possible the two will discuss an upcoming collaboration, why not on The Funeral Rehearsal of Kanye West?

Why the appearance of this photo now?

Did Kanye let this photo out on purpose? Everything could lead one to believe. He would have done it so as not to add to his difficulty in convincing Kim Kardashian to stay with him. Such a scandal, showing him with another woman would destroy his chances of saving his marriage. Kanye West still has not finished burning all his cards. We saw him during the concert of reconciliation with Drake and request for release of Larry Hoover sing: ”  I need you to come back to me, more precisely Kimberly  “. 

He also got a little closer to Kim and his children by buying a house across the street for $ 4.5 million.

A similar profile

Like Dr. Dre who had frequented men in divorce situation like him, Kanye could have just spoken and taken advice from Sauce Walka . The latter also distinguished himself by defending the mother of his child. ”  This girl easily makes $ 2 million a year,  ” he said in his response to a fan. “From a cell phone !!! What is more for the future of your child than millions of foreva guaranteed !!!!! ???????  “

As a reminder, Sauce Walka announced last October, to have collaborated with Busta Rhymes, one of his favorites and models. He did not hide his emotion over the compliments that Busta gave him after the collaboration was carried out following a suggestion made to their father by Busta’s two sons. “@Bustarhymes thank you for assuring me that my words and my heritage are among the gods and that I hold cultural contact properly  “

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