Kanye West dedicates Sunday service to victims of Astroworld Fest

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Although he usually indulges in words and actions deemed unpleasant, Ye can show he has a heart when it needs to be. Being a devout Christian, he shows compassion in the face of suffering as his religion recommends. After the drama that took place last Friday during the first day of the Astroworld Festival which stars Travis Scott , the author of Donda chose to pay tribute to the victims through the previous Sunday service.

Drama of the Astroworld festival: regrettable events

Obviously, the hip-hop world, and fans for that matter, are still in awe of the tragedy that befell the Astroworld festival in Houston on Friday . Indeed, as we previously reported, it was an influx of crowds that caused casualties among the fans who came to attend the famous annual festival. Note that according to the information, eight losses of human life were counted, as well as many wounded , some of whom are still being treated in hospital.

According to the announcements Travis Scott himself made recently, he is said to be in contact with the families of the victims to assist them in any way possible . To keep up with the same dynamic as this one, Roddy Ricch offered to donate the entire check he received for his performance to also support the families of the victims. However, the latter are not the only ones to engage in a surge of support. During the last Sunday service, Ye chose to pay tribute to the victims of the drama.

Ye pays tribute to deceased victims

Admittedly, the one we know previously at the Civil Registry under the name of Kanye West has not made any official statement on the incident. However, he insisted on dedicating the last Sunday Service meeting to the victims. In fact, on Sunday, the Chicago-born rapper quietly launched on YouTube a live stream link from the Sunday service held in honor of the people who died in the crowd influx on Friday. Note that this episode is called “the relatives of Astroworld”.

As a reminder, the public order authorities opened an investigation into Astroworld Festival following the incident. According to the explanations provided by the latter, the deaths were the result of an influx of crowds that would have compressed the audience to the front of the stage and caused a general panic, while Travis Scott performed . The artist also declared that he was not aware of the seriousness of what was happening at the time of his performance , suddenly, he had not had the presence of mind to interrupt his set.

In addition, it is important to notify that the Police also informs that all the victims of the tragedy were people under the age of 30. The oldest was 27, while the youngest was 14.

Hoping that the families of these people go through this ordeal sportingly, we suggest that you stay connected on Hip-hop Corner to have the latest information on the investigation related to the incident.

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