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The second part of Kanye West ‘s interview with “Drink Champs” has gone online and offers at least as much discussion as the first part. In typical Kanye fashion, the multi-billion dollar rapper and entrepreneur talks about his private life relatively without a filter – which apparently includes the illegal downloading of OnlyFans content on Reddit.

Kanye West: “Men are just horny”

With an estimated $ 6.6 billion fortune to admit you’re unwilling to give up money on adult content is quite an excitement. Instead of paying OnlyFans creators for their work, Kanye West (now streaming on Apple Music ) illegally downloaded the videos from Reddit forums. In the interview he explains it like this:

“OnlyFans topic: Women who do this are not concerned with power, but with attention. Because in general women just want their flowers, they want attention. We men only give up our power for desire. Men are just horny. And then we write these girls a DM or whatever. I’ll get my OnlyFans content on Reddit. I bootlegged OnlyFans. All OnlyFans creators will be so mad at me: ‘As an artist, you want people to shit bootlegging ?! ‘”

And in fact, Kanye exposes his own double standards: He makes a lot of money as an artist himself, but does not allow other artists to earn money from their work. That he also admits the whole thing seems doubly curious.

OnlyFans star Ruby Rose reacts to Kanye’s statements

OnlyFans-Creator: inside, however, are more amused than in rage by Yes’s confession. Ruby Rose, for example, who is also a rapper in addition to her OnlyFans content, writes on Twitter:

“Let me find out if Kanye watches my videos on Reddit”



She also shares a video of herself in a schoolgirl costume on Twitter, which Kanye should give Kanye a taste of her OnlyFans account.

In addition to his preference for (not entirely legal) freely accessible adult content, Kanye shares a completely different view of women in the interview. In his opinion, these are the ones who make the world work:

“How many wives are in control of the house? They have everything under control. […] The woman takes care of the children, she has control of the sex, she has the clothes, she runs the nanny. Really, it is like that as if women basically run the world. “

Did he mean his still-wife Kim Kardashian by that? If so, the imminent divorce is not too surprising: Sounds like Kanye Kim put on a lot.

By the way, here is the entire interview:

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