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Kanye West is said to have shown Kim Kardashian explicit content around the Adidas office. This is now the result of an open letter from former Adidas employees who accuse the executive floor of having switched off their “moral compass”. They not only go into the allegedly shown pornographic content, but also address possible manipulation tendencies of the rapper.

Explicit content from Kim Kardashian at Adidas

A video was leaked some time ago in which Ye can be seen showing colleagues porn. That shouldn’t have been the only time. Accordingly, West is said to have shown and discussed pornographic content in meetings. Even with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, the rapper seems to be no exception. According to the letter, he not only showed an intimate photo of Kim during an interview, but also presented more videos of her to the Yeezy team.

Kanye West’s behavior at Adidas

The allegations that Kanye West allegedly displayed abusive behavior during his time at Yeezy are no longer new. The letter and Rolling Stone article now provide further insight into Ye’s tactics.

The allegations go far beyond Kim Kardashian’s photos and videos. There are allegations of bullying and manipulation in the workplace. For example, two people describe a situation in China. West was supposed to be there to examine some samples of his new Yeezy collection. These didn’t seem to have been enough for the rapper and designer, so he started yelling and turning to the executive at the time. He is said to have looked down at his shoes, then looked at them and allegedly said, “I want you to make me a shoe that I can fuck”. The employee took a leave of absence after the situation.

Allegations against Adidas

Serious allegations have also been made against the management of Adidas. Accordingly, they are said to have turned off their “moral compass” by taking a “Kanye is Kanye” attitude. Adidas has not yet commented on this.

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