Kanye West shows off at Donda Academy back-to-school game

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Kanye West shows off at Donda Academy back-to-school game

From “The College Dropout” to “Late Registration” and “Graduation,” Kanye West’s first three album tracks referred to higher education. Today, the Grammy Award-winning rapper and fashion icon is helping high school kids reach those same heights . He opened a preparatory school for this purpose named after his late mother, Donda West, just outside Los Angeles, in Simi Valley, California. With this school, the rapper hopes to put together a basketball program strong enough to compete with the big local club, Sierra Canyon. The Donda Academy quickly moved closer to this goal, partnering with Adidas, the famous sneaker brand Yeezy de West, and attracting five-star prospects like Jalen Hooks, Robert Dillingham and Jakhi Howard, although she does not yet have a coach.

As a good leader, Kanye attends the back-to-school game

Kanye West is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in rap game, and he brought his vision to different companies. One of those companies is its brand new Donda Academy, which is a basketball prep school that helps guide players to college. The Donda Doves have incredible prospects, including Rob Dillingham, JJ Taylor and many more.

Last night, the team played their back- to- school game in Whittier, Calif., And Kanye came in to lend his support . Before the game, Kanye advertised a few tickets, and according to TMZ, dealers tried to sell them for US $ 500. Regardless, Ye seemed to be having a great time on the pitch , and he was even sitting next to his colleague French Montana.

Unfortunately, his presence was not enough to bring the team to victory. Despite a last-second goal to send the game into overtime, Veritas ended up beating the Doves by the smallest of margins. However, it was another impressive display from the Donda Academy , which performed very well despite the team having only been together for two months. As Kanye continues to build this program, there is no doubt that they will continue to attract high profile recruits. In fact, it won’t be long before Donda Academy becomes the largest prep school in all of America .

The Donda Academy, an education center that continues to attract top talent to its basketball team

Kanye West’s latest project is the Donda Academy, a new prep school that has already attracted a handful of top basketball players. Ye named her latest album after her mother, Donda, in part to help keep her legacy alive. She passed away in 2007 after undergoing breast reduction surgery and Kanye is committed to honoring her with various creative projects since then.

The billionaire businessman’s latest project is the Donda Academy, a new prep school that as aforementioned has already attracted a handful of high school basketball players. Indeed, the Donda Academy should also rival the talent of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers, led by Amari Bailey, a five-star UCLA player, and Bronny James, son of LeBron James, among others. The effort got off to a good start, and Friday was an important day for this relatively unknown prep school.

Illinois state top junior and five-star rookie JJ Taylor announced on Friday he was transferring from Kenwood (Chicago) to Donda Academy. He heads for Donda Academy. The Chicago Public League’s best prospect in years has joined the team at Kanye West’s new prep school. Later, one of Tennessee’s top basketball players, Braeden Moore, announced he would join Donda Academy for his final season. The 6-foot-7 3-star forward had been signed with Rutgers since July 29 before announcing the reopening of his recruitment on Friday.

In addition, Taylor and Moore will join a pair of five-star prospects who have already signed up with the Donda Academy: Robert Dillingham (North Carolina) and Jakhi Howard (Georgia). Dillingham is the top junior in the state of North Carolina with offers from Auburn, Kentucky, Memphis and others, while Howard is one of the top five players in the 2024 class with offers from Florida, Kansas and LSU. . Four-star contestants Zion Cruz (New Jersey), Jalen Hooks (Indiana) and Brandon White (North Carolina) are also heading to Donda Academy.

While Kanye and the Donda Academy fill up with talent, the school is focused on education. “  Using an ethic of integrity and care, the Donda Academy prepares students to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators by providing them with a world-class education that includes a rigorous core curriculum and that puts emphasis on sustainability, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving , ”reads the mission of the Donda Academy. While there are still many unknowns surrounding this nascent academy, one thing is certain: the Donda Academy will field one of the most talented basketball teams in the country .

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