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KANYE WEST and Soulja Boy put their beef aside after Kanye apologized to the “Crank That” rapper. Soulja Boy had previously insulted Ye several times after he had deleted a Soulja verse from his album “Donda”. Kanye now explained why he would have done this.

Kanye West & Soulja Boy make peace

Kanye West (now streaming on Apple Music ) posted the screenshot of a chat between him and Soulja Boy. He agreed with the 31-year-old and said that he should have said that he would not use his verse. Soulja replied that this was all he would have wished for.

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) November 10, 2021

After Kanye released “Donda” without the specially recorded Soulja Boy verse, the SODMG CEO broke into a rant online. Not only did he leak the verse that should have been on the album, he also insulted Kanye several times and threatened to “knock him out  .

But it all seems to be yesterday’s snow. Soulja Boy was visibly satisfied with the news from Ye and added to the long list of things he had achieved as the first rapper in the game: He was the first rapper to receive an apology from Kanye West.

Kanye West calls Soulja Boy one of the most influential rappers

Before the reconciliation, Ye spoke about his relationship with Soulja Boy in the now legendary Drink Champs interview . Contrary to what some might have expected, there was only love from Kanye for Big Draco. According to Yeezy, Soulja is one of the five most influential rappers of all time.

When asked why he would have kicked its verse off the album , Kanye honestly replied that the verse was just too bad.

Here you can listen to “Donda” (without Soulja Boy):

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