Kanye West tackles Kim Kardashian in new sound with XXXTentacion

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Even though Kanye West as well as Kim Kardashian would already be rebuilding their lives alongside new partners, the two would still have a hard time getting along. Ye has just sent a verse to the charge evoking the shared custody of his children.

Kanye settles his accounts in music

Broadcast on streaming platforms a few hours ago, the unpublished True Love will have made it possible to discover a collaboration between Kanye West and the late XXXTentacion. On this title, Ye once again evokes his divorce, his new life as a separated father, and the fact of having to deal with the absence of his children. On this point, he will not spare his ex-wife, whom he implicitly accuses of “lending” him his own children: “Wait, when you see the kids? I’ll see y’all tomorrow/ Wait when the sun set? I see y’all tomorrow/ Wait when I pick ’em up, I feel like they borrowed/ When I gotta return them, scan ’em like a barcode/ Wait, no hard feelings, but these feelings hard though” (“Wait, when are you seeing the kids?” I’ll see you all tomorrow/Wait, when the sun goes down? I’ll see you tomorrow/ When I get them back, I feel like I’m borrowing them / When I have to return them, have to scan them like a barcode/ Wait, no resentment, but these emotions hit hard”) .

In the process, he will accuse Kim of preventing their children from wearing his Yeezy sneakers, while again settling his accounts: “Wait, why they can’t wear Yeezys with the cargos? […] At least have ’em in some Mike’s, he played for Chicago/I only see three kids, who watchin’ Chicago? ” Wait, why can’t they wear Yeezy with their cargo? […] At least get them Jordans, he played for Chicago/I only see 3 kids, who’s babysitting Chicago? » )

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