Kanye West’s 2021 Gospel Artist of the Year Award Got Pastor Mike Jr. to Say Listening to Donda is Demonic

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Kanye West sings his faith but it doesn’t seem like enough for Pastor Mike Jr. who opposes Kanye West’s Artist of the Year award.

Kanye West is a decidedly successful artist. He succeeds in everything he does. In music, he has won numerous accolades and has already released 10 studio albums. He was able to recover from his period of disgrace with the public by his tenacity and especially by the help of NORE. Outside of music, he has an empire which commands admiration. Whoever recently got legal permission to now call himself Ye is Yeezy’s head, his brand of sneakers which weighs nearly 1.7 billion dollars. He is also entering the electronics market with a new brand Donda, from his mother’s name, which is also the name of his latest album. If there is one thing that is not working for her at the moment, it is her marriage which is on the verge of failure and is on the verge of breaking up.

If it is true that at the beginning of the year he also wanted to go in the direction of divorce with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is currently doing an about-face for three main reasons including his faith which is contrary to the principle of divorce. This faith also enabled him to do many things that are recognized today.

Everything for Christ and a reward for Kanye West

Kanye West’s faith is no longer to be presented to anyone. The rapper sings everywhere and to whoever wants to hear him his love for Christ. He even produced several albums including Jesus Is King  and  Jesus Is Born  with the Sunday Service. His orientation towards Gospel music has allowed him to be the favorite of many Christian fans of urban music. His achievements in gospel music also earned him a distinction on December 2.

Billboard awarded Ye the Top Gospel Artist of 2021 and Top Christian Artist awards.

Voices are raised against the happiness of Kanye West

Kanye West’s double distinction cannot remain hidden. The online media quickly spread the good news that seems to not really please another artist accustomed to the world of Gospel music. As a protestor, Pastor Mike McClure Jr., commonly known as Pastor Mike Jr. commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram post that relayed the news. In his commentary, he explains that the rapper does not deserve to appear in this competition since he does not make this type of music. “   Kanye West is not a gospel artist. He’s a rapper who made a gospel album. “, He simply blurted out. He went on to emphasize that Ye doesn’t really make music that is symbiotic with the faith he says he has when alluding to Donda’s listening evenings. “  Ye is a musical inspiration. So many people are afraid to speak the truth for fear of being canceled! Something is wrong with all of this, and I think we need to speak up. As cool as Donda’s listening night was, she was so demonic. So NAH  ”. The pastor’s comments sparked a debate in which many castigated Kanye West’s awards and others continued the debate on the doctrine of Christianity. 

Same scenario but with a role

This should not be new for Kanye West. He has also in the past protested the results of a jury in 2009. On September 13 of this year, he took to the stage of the Music Video Award in Los Angeles to contest the presentation of the trophy for “best music video of the year. of a Female Artist ”to Taylor Swift for her track“ You Belong With Me ”. As the country singer began her acceptance speech after receiving the trophy from Shakira and Taylor Lautner, she was brutally interrupted by a Kanye West not happy to know that the award went to Taylor. ” So Taylor, I’m very happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé made the best music video ever!” “, Had launched the rapper at this time.

Pastor Mike Jr., a jealous or a truthful?

Pastor Mike Jr. is not just a man of faith. He is also a Gospel artist who has many accomplishments and even received accolades this year.

In August, Pastor Mike Jr. was nominated for seven Stellar Awards. He was able to damn the pawn to his competitors in three categories. He won the trophy in the Artist of the year 2021 category, as well as a trophy in the Single or urban / inspiring show of the year category for his hit I Got It and finally a trophy in the Rap / hip album category. -gospel shop of the year for Big: Freedom Sessions.

Apart from this very impressive business card, the pastor relied on the controversy concerning the evenings of listening to the album Donda.

Indeed, during the last evening of public listening to Donda in Chicago, Kanye West squarely presented as the martyrs of the cancellation, Dababy and Marilyn Manson, two artists with a controversial reputation. Dababy, finally forgiven by LGBTQ organizations, had fueled controversy at Rolling Loud in Miami while Manson was accused of numerous sexual assaults by several women. The pastor disagrees with Kanye West who rubs shoulders with people Mike Jr. considers to be the embodiment of evil. 

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