Kanye West’s signature Donda vest was auctioned for $ 75,000

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This is not a real record but it is important to note the sale of the Donda bulletproof vest autographed by Kanye West because of the 75,000 dollars it was worth during an auction on December 9, 2021. This sale remains memorable despite its smallness alongside the 1.8 million collected by Kanye’s “Grammy-worn” Nike Air Yeezy 1s sneakers at a Sotheby’s auction last April.

On the same December 9 that Kanye West and Drake performed on the Los Angeles side as part of a historic concert to demand the release of Larry Hoover, there was an auction called “Handbags x HYPE”. Organized by the prestigious British auction house Christie’s, the auction saw the sale of several high-value and celebrity-owned items. Among the items sold were a full collection of Kanye West’s Yeezy 350 sneakers, sold for $ 375,000, a full collection of Off-White x Nike sneakers from the late Virgil Abloh sold for $ 62,500, and a pair of Air sneakers. Jordan XIII, signed and worn by Michael Jordan himself, for the small fee of $ 375,000.

A vest steeped in history

The Donda bulletproof vest sold during the auction is an autographed bulletproof vest, worn by Ye during the making of his album of the same name last summer. As per the vest’s description on the auction listing, it features ballistic signs, hand-painted “DONDA” text, and Kanye West’s autograph that reads “MBD”, an acronym for “My Body Different.” ”  The Donda bulletproof vest was designed as a metaphor for West’s militaristic perspective, reflecting his need for only the essentials to survive and his willingness to take the stage and risk his life for his music and crafts,  ” indicated the list.

The Donda bulletproof vest was first worn during Donda’s second listening session on August 5 at Mercedes-Benz Atlanta Stadium. The rapper continued to wear the vest while completing the album and working in his makeshift studio at the stadium, as captured in the fly in the on-the-wall livestream after the event.

A vest without much value for some but very important in the end

According to the story, the vest sold was donated by Kanye West to a security guard. The latter sold it to a dealer for $ 20,000. While Christie’s expected to sell it for $ 25,000, the vest resisted offers before finally getting caught for $ 75,000. The lucky buyer also received a unique NFT (non-fungible token) version of the vest containing digital 3D data.

A bulletproof vest that is one with Kanye West

Kanye West adopted the Pare-Bullet vest and even brought his collaborators to wear it or to be displayed with other items of the Donda brand. Kanye made a point of honor on this dress code when it comes to the vest. The result was Fivio Foreign wearing a bulletproof vest in the studio. The latter even spoke about it. ”  When we went to Ye’s shit he made us all wear like [Yeezy],  ” revealed the Brooklyn rapper, who delivered a stunning verse on “Off the Grid,” during a visit to LA. Leakers in September. “ We put on the vest, he made us all wear Donda products. I thought we were on Donda timing, I guess to get us into [that frame of mind]. 

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