Kash Doll can’t wait to welcome her baby boy

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According to the photos, Kash Doll’s baby is coming soon. But in the meantime, the future mother is very excited. She recently shared ultrasound images of herself at a party for her baby.

Kash Doll shares ultrasound video and photos of her pregnant 

She will soon be mom, the rapper author of “Ice Me Out”. She doesn’t hide it and is obviously very impatient to see her baby boy arrive. Yes, we know it’s a boy. 

Yesterday on Thanksgiving, Kash Doll shared a video of her ultrasound on Instagram. We see the fetus moving and squirming in the belly of the very excited future mother.

“Look, he’s already bad, it was 3 months old. That’s how I knew it was a boy. She captioned the video.

Later that day, Kah Doll posted a photo of herself wearing all-black in a Christian Dior hoodie that hides her stomach nicely. In caption, she expressed her gratitude to her fans, friends and family. With a touch of humor, she added what she is not grateful for.

“Do you want to know what I’m not grateful for?” A n * gga pushing me around for no reason so I can’t put on makeup. Pathetic, ”she wrote.

But before, a week ago, she had posted pictures of herself in a dress that elegantly highlighted and highlighted her rounded belly. Apparently, it was a party in honor of her baby, with a focus on the ‘Detroit Pistons’ theme.

Underneath a photo of herself with Envyme Kendrap, she left a very touching message. 

“I am so honored to have you as my son’s godmother not because you have already spoiled him but because I know that if anything should happen to me it is in good hands (2nd mom)”, Kash Doll. The godmother of Kash Doll’s future baby is now known.

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