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Scott Leemon, attorney for aspiring rapper Drill Jay Flock, released a statement on Monday December 27 following his arrest for shooting a 24-year-old man in Harlem on Friday December 24, confirming the young man’s indictment of 18 years old for murder.

“Yesterday I accompanied Kevin when he went to detectives in the 30th arrondissement,” Scott Leemon wrote in the statement. “  Arrangements were made immediately with New York Police as soon as I learned he was wanted. As to the charges against him, we have started our own investigation into these allegations. More importantly, given that the DA revealed this morning that NYPD received a tip that someone else was the shooter, we asked the DA’s office to promptly disclose the videos mentioned in the report. complaint and provide more information about the hose. ”  Leemon’s statement comes after new video footage of the shooting surfaced this Sunday, December 26, showing the crime from a different perspective.

“We will address the bail issue once we have had a chance to review the relevant discovery and investigate further the prosecutor’s relevant disclosure ,” the statement concludes.

Recall of facts.

According to OnSmash, the victim named Hernandez was sitting in a barbershop on Amsterdam Ave. at W. 151st St. shortly before 10 am, waiting for a haircut. Perez [ Kay Flock ] walked by there, opened the living room door and asked Hernandez what he was looking at. Hernandez then came out to confront him, police said. The two got into an argument, and Perez started to walk away. But the teenager drew a gun and shot Hernandez in the neck and back. “

According to a New York Police Wanted Notice for 18-year-old Kevin Perez, it read: “  On December 16, 2021, at approximately 9:53 am, the aforementioned individual also known as Kay Flock , fired a 9mm gun at the victim, causing his death, in front of 1836 Amsterdam Avenue in New York, within the limits of the 30th district ”.

Police went on to say, “The author of the above photo has already been charged with carrying a weapon and should be considered armed and dangerous. The author is a known member of the Thirdside Gang. “

Kevin Perez was taken into custody on Thursday 23 December

The 30th District of the New York Police Department announced Perez’s arrest on Twitter Thursday evening, writing: ”  UPDATE: Thanks to the exceptional work of the detectives in the 30th District, as well as the support of many other investigators and of some of our law enforcement partners, the individual responsible for this crime is now in detention. “

In his statement, Leemon confirmed that Perez was arrested after surrendering to police. He added that his team will conduct an independent investigation after requesting surveillance footage of the incident.

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