Kehlani feels “much prettier” after having her breast implants removed

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The rapper wants to be more consistent with herself

It has been previously reported that Kehlani has stated that she feels more consistent when people call her using the personal pronoun they . “  I don’t mind at all when people say ‘she’, but something seems really affirmative to me when people say ‘they’. It’s like… you really see me , ”she said.

In a recent interview with Byrdie, Kehl ani recalls why she decided to have breast implants. “  I remember that video of me doing a performance went viral. People were like ‘she’s horribly built’. So I had breast implants put in, ” Kehlani said. 

Subsequently, the singer also indicated the reasons why she decided to remove her breast implants. It’s an industry standard to go under the knife, but for the singer, it was time to let that part of her go. It wasn’t just a question of aesthetics; Kehlani told the publication she fell ill from the implants. She experienced some health problems, including persistent torpor and allergies. 

“I let the world intimidate me into making me feel like I needed this. It’s been such a journey to find out how I feel about my appearance. And it’s a journey with ups and downs, but right now Kehlani is right where it needs to be. In fact, I feel much more beautiful than I have ever been because I feel healthy. ” 

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