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US rapper Kevin Gates doesn’t mince his words for the promotion of his forthcoming album “Khaza” . On his new song “Super General (Freestyle)” he doesn’t shy away from making lewd remarks to some female music industry colleagues. One of them has already reacted to the song.

Kevin Gates takes on Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Rubi Rose

For a good five minutes, Kevin Gates raps over the beat of Kodak Black ‘s “Super Gremlin” on “Super General (Freestyle)”. What initially sounds like serious real talk develops relatively quickly in a much more explicit direction when you listen more closely.

Out of nowhere he addresses the rapper Rubi Rose . So he couldn’t wait for her feet to point towards his ceiling. A still relatively harmless paraphrase compared to the following lines:

With my tongue deep in yo’ a**, while I kiss all on yo’ kitty/
Put that d*ck deep in yo’ back and make you c*m all on this missile/
Put yo’ hands behind yo’ back and smack yo’ a**, I’m in yo’ kidneys

It’s not surprising that the song is attracting a lot of attention on the Internet and has already generated over three million clicks on YouTube in less than 48 hours. Rubi Rose himself made a brief statement on Twitter:

On the other hand, there were no reactions from Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj , who Kevin Gates then also approached very offensively. The fact that both women have been in safe hands for a long time does not prevent him from giving a description, no matter how intimate. He clarifies in the song that this isn’t meant to be disrespect towards Jay-Z ; he just doesn’t know yet whether the two are up for “swinging”. If so, he definitely shows great interest in his wife.

Beyoncé need to let me hit her/
Make her p*ss all on this d*ck, respectfully, her body shiver

You can listen to the whole song for yourself here. The controversial part starts around 03:23.

Kevin Gates’ song seems to confirm breakup rumors

Isn’t Kevin Gates actually married himself? In 2015 he got married to Dreka Gates. To the public, they appeared to be a harmonious couple. A good two years ago he even directed a song to his wife, named after her first name. But that was all just a facade, says Kevin Gates, at least now on the “Super General” freestyle. Among other things, he claims that his wife cheated on him with her personal trainer.

Personal trainer invaded my personal place, deep down inside it killed me”

Twitter is already mocking Dreka Gates’ virtually non-existent response. After the song was released, she posted pictures of her gardening.

All this leads to the conclusion that the two have broken up. It seems that Kevin Gates has no time to waste and is already looking for his next partner. His spicy lines will probably not be crowned with great success. It could look different with his upcoming album: “Khaza” is scheduled to be released on June 17th, and after this controversial song at the latest, many people should be aware of it.

Shortly after “Super General (Freestyle)” Kevin Gates released the intro of his new album.

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