Keyshia Ka’oir celebrates daughter’s 16th birthday with Gucci Mane

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Gucci Manee and Keyshia Ka’oir have been living a fiery romance together for quite some time that started in prison and developed into a sensation with fans on the internet. From the incarceration of Gucci Mane to the rumors that are ravaging the web, the couple have had enough to prove their strength and their union in recent years. As proof of the joy and good humor in their household, the couple recently celebrated Keyshia Ka’oir’s daughter’s 16th birthday with a memorable party.

A special party for a girl with special parents

Entrepreneur Keyshia Ka’oir and wife of Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane celebrated her daughter’s 16th birthday this weekend. The birthday girl, Dior, wore a long red feathered dress and sparkling accessories, making it stand out from the rest of her family, who were dressed all in black.

During the celebration, the girl in the spotlight received a diamond necklace, a Birkin bag for the occasion and some special video birthday wishes from artists like Kodak Black, Quavo, Lil Durk, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby and Lil Uzi. City Girls rapper JT also gave some love over the phone, saying, “  I know you’re special because you’re a Sagitarrius like me. So turn up the volume and do some city girl stuff. Period. 

Keyshia’s mom and Keyshia’s youngest child Ice were also present at the party, smiling and taking family photos together. While 1017 founder Gucci hasn’t posted much on Sweet Sixteen himself, he can be seen in photos celebrating, and shared a couple photo from the evening, defending his wife with the caption, “  The best decision I have ever made. 

As a reminder in recent years, Keyshia has spoken out about how she chooses to keep her kids off social media , for the most part. In an interview with The Breakfast Club about her preference for privacy, she said, “  I don’t want kids in the limelight. I don’t want them to be on social media. I need them to go to school and just be kids.  Nonetheless, she gave fans a rare glimpse of her daughter, with more than one post. “  Happy birthday Princess DIOR! The big sixteen. Your mom loves you, ”she wrote in one of the posts. Separately, it should be noted that the couple are probably already preparing for another birthday, since their first child, Ice, will be one in a few weeks on December 23.

In addition to being a stepfather of choice, Gucci Mane is one of those rappers who are shaping the industry in the South of the USA.

Cash Money, Rap-A-Lot Records, No Limit; here are a handful of record companies that have propelled the South to stardom. They did so by building a legacy that not only charted a new course for hip-hop, but also set a model and opened doors for a future generation of rap stars. The impact they had is hard to replicate. It was a different time, with different rules for the music industry.

However, that same ethic endured in Gucci Mane’s career , whether it was the abundance of mixtapes he released between 2006 and 2009 or his ability to identify and nurture new talent. It all started when Gucci Mane founded So Icey Entertainment in 2007, which ended its activities three years later. It was then that the 1017 label appeared , a manifestation of all that is fresh.

The origin of 1017 comes from the rapper’s grandfather’s house in Bessemer, AL – 1017 First Avenue, to be exact. In The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane , the rapper describes the house as having a ”  rotating cast of family characters who could stay there at any time .” Later in the memoir, Wop explains how the Brick Factory Studio shared a similar setting where rappers like Young Thug, PeeWee Longway, and Young Scooter came together. “  The Brick Factory was kind of a hippie community. Outlaws playing by our own rules, ”he said. “  A tale of the true American counterculture . ”

High-end fashion label Gucci has moved from ”  sending it a ceasefire “ to ”  inviting it to star in its Gucci Cruise 2020 campaign” , marking the end of the era of “out -the law “. His release from prison in 2016 marked the start of a reinvention that led to some rebrandings of the 1017 empire. Since 1017 Eskimo, which housed artists such as Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Asian Doll and Lil Wop, in partnership with Alamo / Empire Music, he took a step further with his latest rebranding: 1017 Global Music, better known as New 1017 . Thanks to a new partnership with Atlantic Music, the streets of the South now have access to radio waves.

As So Icy Boyz’s cover art suggests, Gucci Manee has now reunited the Avengers of the South. With artists like BiC Fizzle, new street legends like Pooh Shiesty, the 1017 roster is set to dominate the streets for the foreseeable future.

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