Kheris releases single Drop Top Thang with music video

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With the music industry constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up with all of the emerging artists, but there are a few who stand out with star potential. Singer Kheris Rogers , known as Kheris for short, is a star in the making.

After being bullied because of her skin color, she devoted her energy to creating a successful clothing line, Flexin ‘In My Complexion . In just three years, her business has already won over top fans like Alicia Keys, Lena Waithe. Lupita Nyong’o and Drake.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, the young star is preparing to start her career as an artist.

Teen Vogue’s 21 Under 21 award winner made her musical debut with the release of her new single, Drop Top Thang. The single comes with a cheeky pink music video, in which Kheris shows off her confidence, movement and soft voice. Kheris delves into teenage romance with infectious melodies running through your head. Lyrically, her sweet verse makes some references to powerful female figures like Anita Baker and the Mona Lisa.

“You know I’m the type to make her throw the visa away, Naomi Campbell, her model features / We can go around the world, we won’t find a diva like Mona Lisa, who does hits until the speakers explode / Anita Baker couldn’t find a sweeter love ” .

Kheris’ story is a journey to success that will warm anyone’s heart. 

In one of her recent interviews, Kheris shared a few words of wisdom with her budding colleagues in the hope that her post will make others feel heard and encourage them to assume their individuality . “I hope my post will teach other children who are being bullied that you are not alone,” she said. “  We are all unique, smart and creative in our own way. Our differences [are] what makes us special, and this should be embraced, so that what other people think of you doesn’t matter. “

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