Kid Cudi launches Mad Solar Productions, a new production company

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Kid Cudi adds a new string to his bow. He gave life to a production company whose name is inspired by an element of nature.

Artist-actor Kid Cudi has created a new production company which he called Mad Solar Productions. He unveiled the new company’s logo on November 5 in a 12-second tweet. We discover the logo with four differently oriented portions of the planet sun. He also included his first project in his new Amazon Studios documentary titled A Man Named Scott. This documentary that cudi born Scott Mescudi announced last month is a biotop that chronicles the evolution of artist Kid Cudi and his influence with his vision without obscuring the making of his classic debut album Man on The Moon. The documentary also features celebrities such as  Kanye West who signed it in 2008 to Good Music, Shia LaBeaouf and  Pharrell Williams.. We can see in the trailer moments of scenes and moments when the artist confides as in interview to the camera.

The synopsis of this documentary reads as follows:  “In 2009, Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi released his first LP, Man on the Moon: The End of Day. A genre album that broke barriers by featuring songs dealing with depression, anxiety and loneliness, it resonated deeply with young listeners and launched Cudi as a musical star and cultural hero . “

Cudi and his future projects

Cudi released his 7th solo studio album in 2020. Named, Man on the Moon III (Republic Records), this album will serve as his passport to a world tour next year. If this album is the 7th, this number does not reflect the very large number of records released by Cudder in collaboration with other big names in music. It is important to remember that for 2022, Cudi will do a double blow. He will release Entergalactic as a solo album and during the same year, he will release a collaborative album with Travis Scott with whom he will form a dynamic duo under the name The Scotts. Note that Cudi obtained in 2020, his first number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with The Scotts, a collaboration with the same American rapper Travis Scott. This track could make its appearance on the collaborative album.
Since Travis Scott is the unloved child and whose name is on everyone’s lips, Kid Cudi offered his condolences to the victims of the Astroworld Festival tragedy with a tweet on November 6. “ Really messed up about the news at Astroworld. My thoughts are with the families who lost a loved one last night and all who were injured. Sad fucking day, man.  “

Cudi and the world of cinema

The Man Named Scott document isn’t Cudi’s very first film experience   . He has associated his name with more than a dozen films. He has also made television appearances in television series such as The Scottish Brothers, How to Make It in America, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scorpion, Westworld and We Are Who We Are.
Last January, Kid Cudi appeared in a TV series in preparation under the invitation of award-winning artist / actor / director Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent”. “  I had a call with 50 Cent last week to put on a show together. Great things are happening !! I will keep you posted. 50 is one of my favorite animators and he’s also a really great guy with a good heart. Cudi tweeted.

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