Kid Cudi smashes his own records and explodes the counters with Man on the Moon III: the Chosen

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Kid Cudi can forget the 169,000 opening week sales of his 2010 album, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. His 2020 album, Man on the Moon III: The Chosen, breaks records and drives counters into a panic. 

Kid Cudi can be proud of his album Man on the Moon III: The Chosen . This album released on December 11, 2020 had not finished saying its last word. Its release had already taken care of Kid Cudi’s sales statistics. Man on the Moon III: The Chosen debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with 144,000 album-equivalent units in its first week. These numbers represent a return to form after the flopes of Speedin ‘Bullet 2 Heaven of 2015 and Passion of 2016 not to mention Pain & Demon Slayin. 

The reward that calls for another

By early December, Cudder had celebrated his first solo gold album in a decade. He took advantage of this to send a message of hope to all those who lose hope. “ You don’t understand. I haven’t had a solo gold album in YEARS. From INDICUD. 2013,  ”he wrote on Twitter earlier this month. “Never be discouraged. Keep ragin ahead. Stay with it. Never give up. I am the proof that you can rise from the ashes.  “. Man on the Moon III: The Chosen , had sold more than 500,000 copies.

The same album makes Kid feel proud after it was released on vinyl earlier this month. According to Billboard, the album sold 41,500 vinyl copies last week, the fourth best selling number in the period behind just Adele’s 30 album, Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s version) and Inside (The Songs) by Bo Burnham.

Kid took to Instagram on Tuesday to thank everyone who was part of the success. “  It’s HUGE. I want to thank everyone who went out and collected the vinyl! All thanks to YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL!! “. The thanks are quite logical since this new record did not go unnoticed by Chart Data who reported in passing that the album, Man on the Moon III: The Chosen broke the record for the biggest week of vinyl sales for a male artist and rap album in Nielsen history.

Another record not to be overlooked

Kid Cudi has other reasons to be happy too. Its 2018 track, Kids See Ghosts with Kanye West re-entered the Billboard 200 this week. In addition to this title, the US Spotify chart mentions Kid’s 2010 hit hit “Mr. Rager”. The title was placed in 67th place, the best ranking for the rapper.

The outlook for Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi has a very rich December. After playing with Leonardo Dicaprio in the film Don’t Look Up and in the soundtrack of the same film alongside Ariana Grande, he amassed accolades for his musical works.

 He announced a surprise project on Rolling Loud California. ”  I have Entergalactic coming this summer, but I want to release another album before that  “, he declared to the Californians while letting discover during his set of new musics. “  I had some delicious surprises and I’m really excited about all this new shit . “

The rapper could launch a Man on the Moon III tour and another album before Entergalactic. Regarding the latter, he will come out with a Netflix animated series of the same name that will accompany him and which will associate each song with a 30-minute episode. ” It’s the craziest thing in terms of television. It’s the most ambitious thing  , ”Entergalactic Kenya Barris (Black-ish) executive producer said in 2019 while hinting at Gucci Mane and Ty Dolla $ ign appearances on“  The Amazing Album  ”.

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