Kid Cudi speaks heartily about his place in The Harder They Fall

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Rapper Kid Cudi explained to the public how he landed on the soundtrack to ”  The Harder  They Fall “. An appearance that was possible after meeting Jay-Z. 

Kid Cudi opens up about meeting Jay-Z and their new collaboration

Kid Cudi’s presence on The Harder They Fall soundtrack was made possible by a chance encounter with Jay-Z in the Hamptons. It was the occasion for  Kid Cudi  to discuss his role on the title “Guns Go Bang” with Anderson. The singer let it be known at the Hollywood Reporter Songwriters Roundtable last Saturday.

“  I was in the  Hamptons , I was on a rampage. I was having a good time, I was at this party. I cross the street and I hear someone call my name “, relates Kid before continuing” I look and it’s  JAY-Z  across the room. He signals me to go to bed. I hadn’t seen  Hov  in person in years . Cudi said he walked over and said, ‘ ‘ ‘Yo , what’s up ?! ‘. And Jay to answer him  ‘Yo  man, I tried to get up with you! I have this song that I think you would be perfect for . ” The rapper then replied.“Anything for you”. Dude, send her. Do you want  my engineer ‘s email ? Send it! ”

Separately, Kid Cudi explained that at first he didn’t think Jay was serious about his proposal . Despite the doubts, the new beautiful collaboration between the two has been very good. Note that the last collaboration between Kid Cudi and Jay dates back to 2011 with Kanye West and Jay’s album, Watch The Throne. As a reminder, The Harder They Fall  was produced by Jay himself. He also participated in the development of the soundtrack.

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