Killer Mike Offers Solution to Reduce Crime in LA

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The holiday season is synonymous with Christmas lights and family reunions, but in Los Angeles, it is a time of growing criminal activity. Between massive thefts of the “flash mob” type in high-end stores, and people followed to their homes and stolen from their doorsteps. Last month, Terrence J was on his way to his Sherman Oaks home when he was chased by burglars who attempted to rob him. 

Authorities likened Los Angeles crime wave to The Purge

“My message to anyone considering coming to Los Angeles, especially over the holiday season, is don’t do it,” said Jamie McBride, head of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union representing Los Angeles police officers at a press conference.

Killer Mike, meanwhile, has spoken often about how to improve culture and communities, and he recently revealed his solution to the rise in crime in LA “People don’t have jobs, we are in in the midst of a global scourge, and generally we just haven’t done a good job of making sure young people have business skills and things of that nature, ” Mike said. “But we can fix it, you know, we can all use the next five years to improve education, use the next five years to improve the homeless population, make sure people have housing. “ He added that ” idle hands are the playing field of the devil “and said that “If America twenty-five years ago had invested in the trades and infrastructure skills needed to hire people, you would have a shortage of them today.” “ Killer Mike wants to find a way to use the money that seems to continue to fund the elite for the benefit of people in need.

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